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List of resources related to Web Components

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Web Components Resources

Specs / standardization

W3C Introduction to Web Components - explainer/overview of the technologies

Historical conversations and concepts

Implementation / status

Are we componentized yet?


Articles / content


Also see everthing on HTML5Rocks articles tagged "web components".


Libraries & polyfills

  • Polymer ( by Google - contains platform explainers and polyfills
  • x-tags by Mozilla
  • Bosonic

Element registries


Misc resources

Who's using Polymer?

I've been working on a sketchbook which cobbles together a lot of the examples from the HTML5 Rocks posts as well as some of the stuff on my own blog. Any interest in adding it to an examples section?

There is a wrong url in the "Chromium/Blink-specific" part: (use the filter "category: Web Components")

Here's an article that was just recommended as a good walkthrough: Using Polymer to Create Web Components


Thanks @bradfrost. Will add.

@robdodson's done a great job of keeping the Web Components article at CSS Tricks up to date.

I had 2 bosonic links for 'Elements' and 'Social', see

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