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Connor Mendenhall ecmendenhall

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"Stop Tacoman",
"Shop Talkerman",
"Hot Soccermom",
"Flop Chonkenton",
"Posh Nachoman",
"Yes, my name does rhyme with Snot Bocherman",
"Shock Jockerman",
"Yacht Rockerman",
"Hot Saucerman",

Have you been sticking to your daily habit?

I'm about a week behind...but I did it today! Giving an honest answer to this one requires checking in again next week.

Goal progress review:

Feeling generally behind, if we consider June 19 the start date of our first month. I think I can still meet my original "month" goals by the end of July with a bit of attention. I've done a lot of thinking and goal setting so far, but not a lot of writing code :). Bird by bird, buddy.


Daily goals:

  • Order the C books you want to read.
  • Start a development blog.
  • Read through the Linux Kernel Newbies site. Pick a book on kernel programming.

Weekly goals:

  • Read at least 1 book, start writing throwaway code.
  • Pick a tool, set up a project and test framework.
  • Dip into the LKML every day.

Accountability Partner

  • Colin

25 Goals:

  • Reimplement a nontrivial text-processing tool from scratch. (grep, sed, diff)
  • Reimplement a nontrivial process-related tool from scratch. (ps, top, lsof, kill)
  • Reimplement a nontrivial filesystem-related tool from scratch. (mv, chmod, chown)
  • Reimplement a nontrivial networking-related tool from scratch. (telnet, ftp, curl/wget)
  • Write my own kernel module
  • Write my own device driver
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ecmendenhall /
Last active Mar 23, 2016
A quick script to check npm dependencies for modules hijacked by nj48 (
#!/usr/bin/env bash
MATCHES=$(npm ls | grep -e " andthen@" \
-e " anglicize@" \
-e " ansi-codes@" \
-e " atbash@" \
-e " attr@" \
-e " attrs@" \
-e " available-slug@" \
-e " background-image@" \
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class SpaceJam
def index(item)
if item.is_a?(Hash)
key = item['name']
items[key] = item
if item['children']
item['children'].each do |child|
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require_relative '0_parent_child'
require 'rspec'
describe ParentClass do
it 'creates a child class' do
expect( be_a(ChildClass)