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ekmett/demands.txt Secret

Created Oct 8, 2014
What would you like to do?
Hi Tony,
I'm writing to you because your behaviour in the #scalaz channel is
unacceptable. In particular, as steward of scalaz, I will not accept any
insults to community members. At all. Under no circumstances. I will not
accept discussion about that matter. You have clearly expressed your
opinion about the code of conduct in the channel, which is why I banned
you from there permanently. I can do that because I have talked to
cofounders of the channel and after agreement, they transferred sole
ownership to me.
The only thing I haven't done so far is enacting the code on the scalaz
mailing list, which I can't, because I'm not an administrator of the list.
This is why I'm issuing you an ultimatum: You have the choice to
voluntarily pass over the ownership of the list to me (using the mail
address <>) and generally cease talking about scalaz
in public. Judging by your tweets, you seem to have already made peace
with that idea in general. If not, be assured that I have a fallback option.
Let me know what you think. I'm taking no answer in 24 hours as "please
officially kick me out with a public statement".
Frankly, the good you do for the community is far outweighed by the bad
you do. I miss the old times where you gave detailed, constructive and
helpful explanations on a topic. These seem to be long gone.

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@wrq wrq commented Aug 18, 2016

So fucking terrible.

Takes a real piece-of-shit to resort to exclusion tactics in OPEN-SOURCE just because someone said something you don't like.


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@tonymorris tonymorris commented Sep 22, 2016

@wrq Lars is a scapegoat; naive and manipulable by a psychopath who insists on politicising software development, despite significant effort to avoid that psychopath and his twisted goals.

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