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Created October 21, 2017 09:50
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Closed kinds aren't as closed as you'd think
{-# language PolyKinds, DataKinds, RankNTypes, TypeApplications, ScopedTypeVariables, TypeFamilies, FlexibleInstances #-}
import Data.Proxy
class KnownUnit (k :: ()) where
reflect :: Proxy k -> Int
instance KnownUnit '() where
reflect _ = 0
instance KnownUnit x => KnownUnit (f x) where
reflect _ = 1 + reflect (Proxy :: Proxy x)
type family Succ :: k -> k
reify :: Int -> (forall k. KnownUnit k => Proxy k -> r) -> r
reify 0 f = f (Proxy :: Proxy '())
reify n f = reify (n - 1) $ \(Proxy :: Proxy k) -> f (Proxy :: Proxy (Succ k))
-- ghci> reify 23 reflect
-- 23
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sellout commented Oct 31, 2017

I see TypeApplications is enabled, but it looks like you don’t use the extension at all, and instead use Proxy. Did you start by using @ and then determine it didn’t work, or is Proxy less obscure, or am I just confused, or what?

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ekmett commented Nov 4, 2017

I did. I was going to write it TypeApplications style, then forgot. =)

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ekmett commented Nov 5, 2017

I mentioned it in the tweet that originally linked here, but the technique that I used here is originally due to aarvar.

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Here's a reexposition of Edwad's example using type applications.

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