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Export Google Maps starred locations
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Go to Google Bookmarks:
On the bottom left, click "Export bookmarks":
After downloading the html file, run this script on it to generate a KML.
from lxml.html import document_fromstring
import simplekml
from urllib2 import urlopen
import re
import time
filename = r'GoogleBookmarks.html'
with open(filename) as bookmarks_file:
data =
kml = simplekml.Kml()
# Hacky and doesn't work for all of the stars:
lat_re = re.compile('markers:[^\]]*latlng[^}]*lat:([^,]*)')
lon_re = re.compile('markers:[^\]]*latlng[^}]*lng:([^}]*)')
coords_in_url = re.compile('\?q=(-?\d{,3}\.\d*),\s*(-?\d{,3}\.\d*)')
doc = document_fromstring(data)
for element, attribute, url, pos in doc.body.iterlinks():
if '' in url:
description = element.text or ''
print description.encode('UTF8')
print u"URL: {0}".format(url)
# Coordinates are in URL itself
latitude =[0]
longitude =[1]
# Load map and find coordinates in source of page
sock = urlopen(url.replace(' ','+').encode('UTF8'))
except Exception, e:
print 'Connection problem:'
print repr(e)
print 'Waiting 2 minutes and trying again'
sock = urlopen(url.replace(' ','+').encode('UTF8'))
content =
time.sleep(3) # Don't annoy server
latitude = lat_re.findall(content)[0]
longitude = lon_re.findall(content)[0]
except IndexError:
print '[Coordinates not found]'
print latitude, longitude
coords=[(float(longitude), float(latitude))])
except ValueError:
print '[Invalid coordinates]'

I'm using (part of) this at . I am assuming I can, since there's no LICENSE information for this gist, but I wouldn't mind getting explicit permission.


You have explicit permission! :)


How do you run the html file in KML? I did get all the names of my bookmarks (thank you for that)

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