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Created August 8, 2022 03:00
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Simplifying fractions

A harder one for this week.

Fractions are often represented in simplified form, where the numerator and denominator share only the factor 1. Write a function simplify that takes two integers (representing the numerator and denominator) and simplifies the fraction they represent, returning the two numbers.


;; the fraction 10/10
(simplify 10 10) ;=> [1 1]
;; the fraction 1/3
(simplify 1 3) ;=> [1 3]
(simplify 2 4) ;=> [1 2]
(simplify 100 40) ;=> [5 2]

Thanks to this site for the problem idea, where it is rated Very Hard in Swift. The problem has been modified.

Please submit your solutions as comments on this gist.

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nbardiuk commented Aug 8, 2022

(defn gcd [a b]
    (= 0 b) a
    (< a b) (gcd b a)
    :else   (gcd b (mod a b))))

(defn simplify [a b]
  (let [d (gcd a b)]
    [(/ a d) (/ b d)]))

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fredokun commented Aug 8, 2022

Almost perfect solution above, although gcd is tail-rec I would just use recur instead of explicit calls

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(defn simplify [n d]  (mapv #(long (/ % (.gcd (biginteger n) (biginteger d)))) [n d]))

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Using clojure ratios:

(defn simplify
  [n d]
  (let [r (/ n d)]
    (if (ratio? r)
      [(numerator r) (denominator r)]
      [r 1])))

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(defn simplify [a b]
  (loop [x a
         y b]
    (if (zero? y)
      [(/ a x) (/ b x)]
      (recur y (mod x y)))))

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Since others have already used gcd and ratio functions, here's an ugly hack just for fun.

(defn simplify [n d]
  (let [rr (/ n d)
        ss (mapv read-string (str/split (str rr) #"/"))]
    (if (ratio? rr) ss (conj ss 1))))

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I thought I'd weigh in with a naïve implementation testing factors counting up from 2. It also showcases the seemingly little used but ever useful reduced.

(defn next-fraction [fraction factor]
  (let [simplified (mapv #(/ % factor) fraction)]
      (every? int? simplified)      (recur simplified factor)
      (some #(> factor %) fraction) (reduced fraction)
      :else                         fraction)))

(defn simplify [n d]
  (reduce next-fraction [n d] (iterate inc 2)))

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(defn simplify
  ([num den] (simplify 2 num den))
  ([cand num den]
   (cond (or (> cand num)
             (> cand den))            [num den]
         (and (zero? (mod num cand))
              (zero? (mod den cand))) (simplify cand (/ num cand) (/ den cand))
         :else                        (simplify (inc cand) num den))))

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