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Created March 15, 2021 13:47
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Index map

A vector can be seen as a mapping of index to value. However, we want a mapping from value to indexes. Write a function that takes a sequence and returns a map where the elements of the sequence are the keys and the values are sets of the indexes where the value is found.


(index-map []) ;=> {}
(index-map [1 2 3]) ;=> {1 #{0} 2 #{1} 3 #{2}}
(index-map [1 1 1]) ;=> {1 #{0 1 2}}
(index-map [1 2 1 2 1]) ;=> {1 #{0 2 4} 2 #{1 3}}

Bonus: Write the inverse function that takes one of the returned maps and turns it into a sequence.

Thanks to this site for the challenge idea where it is considered Hard in Ruby. The problem has been modified from the original.

Please submit your solutions as comments on this gist.

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miner commented Mar 15, 2021

(defn index-map [coll]
   (reduce-kv (fn [tm i k] (assoc! tm k (conj (get tm k #{}) i)))
              (transient {})
              (vec coll))))

(defn inv-index-map [m]
  (-> (reduce-kv (fn [sm k is] (reduce (fn [sm i] (assoc sm i k)) sm is))

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(defn index-map [s]
  (into {} (for [[k v] (group-by second (map-indexed vector s))] [k (set (map first v))])))

(defn un-index-map [m]
  (mapv first (sort-by second (apply concat (for [[k v] m] (map vector (repeat k) v))))))

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Sinha-Ujjawal commented Mar 16, 2021

(defn index-map [coll]
        (fn [m [x i]] 
            (assoc m x (conj (get m x (sorted-set)) i)))
        (map-indexed (fn [i x] [x i]) coll)))
(defn index-map-inverse [m]
            (fn [m [x is]]
                (reduce (fn [m i] (assoc m i x)) m is)) (sorted-map) m)))

Here's my solution. Please let me know if it's efficient. Also I am new to Clojure, so my vocabulary is pretty limited.

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(require '[clojure.set :as sets])

(defn index-map
  (reduce (fn [acc val] 
            (update acc 
                    (first (keys val)) 
                    #(sets/union %1 %2) 
                    (first (vals val))))
          (map-indexed #(hash-map %2 #{%1}) arr)))

(defn index-map-reverse
  (map #(first %)
       (reduce-kv (fn [m k v]
                    (sort-by last (concat m (map #(vector k %) v))))

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sztamas commented Mar 17, 2021

(defn index-map [col]
   (->> col
        (map-indexed vector)
        (reduce (fn [m [idx x]] 
                  (update m x (fnil conj #{}) idx)) {})))

(defn indexed-map->seq [idx-map]
   (->> idx-map
        (reduce (fn [m [x idxs]]
                  (merge m
                         (zipmap idxs (repeat x))))

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(defn index-map [coll]
  (->> coll
       (map vector (range))
       (reduce (fn [acc [idx elem]]
                 (let [indexes (get acc elem #{})]
                   (assoc acc elem (conj indexes idx))))
(defn index-map2coll [m]
  (->> m
       (mapcat (fn [[k idxs]]
                 (for [idx idxs]
                   [k idx])
       (sort-by second)
       (mapv first)))

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proush42 commented Mar 18, 2021


(defn index-map
  (reduce-kv (fn [m i x] (update m x (fnil conj #{}) i))

(defn un-index-map
  (->> m
       (mapcat (fn [[x is]] (map #(vector % x) is)))
       (sort-by first)
       (map second)
       (into [])))

You can use "mapv" to generate a vector result, eliminating the need for "(into [])"

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vmpj commented Mar 22, 2021

(defn index-map [v]
  (reduce-kv (fn [r k v] 
               (->> (conj (get r v #{}) k)
                    (assoc r v)))

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prairie-guy commented Apr 3, 2021

(use '[clojure.set :only (union)])

(defn index-map [s]
   (map-indexed vector s)
   (map (fn [s] {(s 1) (set [(s 0)])}))
   (apply (partial merge-with union))))

(defn map-index [idx-map]                                                                                                                             
  (let [im (fn [[k v]] (map (fn [vv] [vv k]) v))]                                                                                                     
    (->> (map im idx-map)                                                                                                                             
         (partition 2)                                                                                                                                
         (sort-by first)                                                                                                                              
         (map second)                                                                                                                                 

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sim-f commented Apr 7, 2021

(defn index-map [v]
  (let [m (zipmap (distinct v) (repeat #{}))
        c (count v)]
     (fn [m index]
       (update m (get v index) #(conj % index)))
     (range 0 c))))

(defn index-map->vec [imap]
  (->> imap
        (fn [smap index-map]
          (->> index-map
               (apply (fn [n is] (map (fn [i] [i n]) is)))
               (into smap)))

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s3dse commented Apr 11, 2021

(defn index-map [xs]
    (fn [m k v]
      (merge-with into m {v (into (sorted-set) [k])}))

(defn index-map->vec [m]
  (mapv first
          (fn [r k v]
            (->> (map #(vector k %) v)
                 (apply conj r)
                 (sort-by second)))
          [] m)))

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