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Last active February 26, 2024 10:15
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# This is a blocklist to block samsung smart tv's sending meta data at home.
# Please help to collect domains!
# It could be that the TV does not receive any more updates or other services no longer work. Please report such an incident.
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I am currently using your code and my smart TV that is 4 years old stopped accessing any of its smart services. so whitelisting the following list helped:

Not sure if all are needed or if I need more but I was only trying to start Youtube and this least seemed to do the job.

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borzaka commented Jan 27, 2021

I had to whitelist, because otherwise many Smart Hub things didn't work.

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I had to whitelist for the TV to pass the network status checks, was showing as not connected prior to that.

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rudycas commented Nov 15, 2021

Is the updates issue still here? ... I mean should I disable this black list just to check a TV update?

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I am not using this list, however at least one of the domains on this list was required in order to do initial setup of smart features on my new Samsung S32AM702UN. This domain was found in 3 of my lists and after whitelisting it, I was able to complete setup and update my device.

Match found in
Match found in
Match found in

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eyagnichenko commented Jan 10, 2022

this one is needed for the software update

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I haven't tracked down the functionally, but the following are being used by the Samsung AN65QN90AAFXZA:

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terretta commented Aug 6, 2022

Seems must be enabled on a 2018 32” Samsung TV for the native Hulu app to play certain shows.

  • SAMSUNG 32-inch Class LED Smart FHD TV 1080P (UN32N5300AFXZA, 2018 Model)

Also, if disabled, the TV retries it every few seconds, 24/7, whether Hulu is on or not.

Incidentally, using not this gist, but Perflyst and Dandelion Sprout's Smart-TV Blocklists, on this TV Netflix works fine but for Amazon Prime to work on the same TV, was required.

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surfer190 commented Sep 2, 2022

For the Samsung tv to believe it is connected to the internet I had to add this to the whitelist:


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