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bvaughn /
Last active January 9, 2023 15:46
Experimental React DOM test selector API

RFC Test Selectors

Owner: Brian Vaughn

As of facebook/react/pull/22760, the experimental Test Selector API is now available in the experimental release channel.

To test the API, first install the experimental release:

gimenete /
Last active March 9, 2024 16:36
Notas para orientación profesional como programador

Tras este tweet que publiqué

He sido freelance, emprendedor y trabajo desde hace años para empresas USA de diversos tamaños en remoto como programador fullstack. Ahora en GitHub. Si puedo ayudar a alguien en orientar su carrera, mis DMs están abiertos. Ask me anything.

he recibido muchos mensajes y escribo aquí algunos de los consejos que he dado en resumen. Nota: algunas cosas son concretas de trabajar en España. Si vas a trabajar desde Sudamérica sólo una nota: tienes la ventaja de la zona horaria para trabajar con EEUU.


Tener un buen nivel de inglés es fundamental para poder trabajar con clientes extranjeros. El conocimiento del idioma tiene que mantenerse en el tiempo. Es como mantenerse en forma física; si lo dejas, lo pierdes. Personalmente aunque trabajo 100% en inglés desde hace bastantes años, intento crearme un entorno diario con el idioma para no perderlo:

Adriem / update-hosts.js
Last active November 19, 2018 09:29
Simple script for updating the /etc/hosts file
#!/usr/bin/env node
/** @author Adrian Moreno ( */
const https = require('https')
const fs = require('fs')
const urls = process.argv.slice(2).filter(arg => arg !== '-v' && arg !== '--verbose')
const verbose = process.argv.includes('-v') || process.argv.includes('--verbose')
require 'csv'
require 'mail'
# PATH's configuration
base_path = '/Users/rafaelalmeida/Downloads'
pdf_base_path = '/Users/rafaelalmeida/Downloads/certificados-pdf'
# SMTP configuration
a7ul /
Last active March 29, 2024 09:47
removing all restrictions on jamf managed macos device - Provided you have root access.



sudo jamf removeMDMProfile removes all restrictions

sudo jamf manage brings back all restrictions and profiles


sudo jamf removeMDMProfile removes all restrictions

Saissaken / Update git fork with
Last active May 21, 2024 19:20
Update git fork with tags
# Repo: someuser/myframework
# Fork: superteam/myframework
# Track:
git clone
cd myframework
git remote add upstream
# Update:
git fetch upstream
LeCoupa / redis_cheatsheet.bash
Last active March 18, 2024 09:08
Redis Cheatsheet - Basic Commands You Must Know --> UPDATED VERSION -->
# Redis Cheatsheet
# All the commands you need to know
redis-server /path/redis.conf # start redis with the related configuration file
redis-cli # opens a redis prompt
# Strings.
Darep / no-comments.js
Created May 30, 2016 07:01
Remove all comments from GitHub Pull Request
// Sometimes it's necessary to do a bit of clean-up'.js-comment-delete button'), function(el, i) {
tim545 /
Last active August 11, 2019 14:51
The most evil character in Unicode

'Zero Width Space' character

I had some trouble with this character in a client project, it was hidden inside a configuration string which is validated in the clients API. It's basically invisible, literally a space character with zero width, it could not be seen but it was breaking at the API because it would not validate, causing problems with hundreds of user accounts.

The Unicode value of this character is U+200B, and it's evil, very evil. Lying in wait to break your applications while leaving no sign of it's presence...

It also has some friends, check the answer of this Stack Overflow question

In my project, it was one of my colleuges who managed to find the character, he re-copied the string into the code and Git showed that the line had been changed, even though all the Git GUI's didn't actually show any difference. He ran git diff in the command line and this did show the Unicode character being deleted, that's somet

MohamedAlaa / tmux-cheatsheet.markdown
Last active May 22, 2024 04:43
tmux shortcuts & cheatsheet

tmux shortcuts & cheatsheet

start new:


start new with session name:

tmux new -s myname