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Created August 14, 2012 22:23
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Crowdsourced career mentorship for female developers

I was inspired by Selena Deckelmann's list of Career Resources for Women (, but couldn't think of much to contribute. So I thought maybe those of us already in the field and in a position to mentor could work on creating more. Please fork or comment and add your own!

Also: there is a wealth of info online and elsewhere dating back to the first time it occurred to our species to exchange labor for currency on these topics in general. What I hope we can provide here is our take as individuals. What we would say to someone if we were sitting across from her acting as a mentor. I don't think we should worry about being objectively "right", or about duplicating topics. I add this bit of anti-editorializing in hopes that women will contribute without feeling pressured to be experts, which I worry might prevent them from doing so. TY. :)

Applying for jobs


Professional behavior


Conflict resolution


Long-term goals

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mejarc commented Aug 18, 2012

Re: handling forks--will you incorporating changes on any schedule, or waiting for us to notify you when our forks are ready for merge?

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garann commented Aug 18, 2012

@selenamarie - Awesome! I think tumblr's perfect for this.

@mejarc - No, no schedule. It looks like @selenamarie has a nice permanent home, though, so perhaps that can become a moot point, since tumblr so easily allows submissions. :)

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flores commented Aug 21, 2012

@garann - great/interesting article on startup salary negoriation trended on HN today. Can't send pull request, so here you go:

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