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Samuel Gélineau gelisam

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gelisam / TestingCFromHaskell.hs
Last active Nov 11, 2019
using Haskell's QuickCheck to property-test C's qsort
View TestingCFromHaskell.hs
-- in response to
-- TLDR: yes, you can test C functions from Haskell; it's a bit painful to
-- call C from Haskell, but once you do, testing is the easy part!
{-# LANGUAGE QuasiQuotes, ScopedTypeVariables, TemplateHaskell #-}
module Main where
import Data.Foldable (for_)
import Data.Traversable (for)
import Foreign.C.Types (CInt, CSize)
gelisam / Handler.hs
Created Sep 29, 2019
A variant of my FunDay-based composable handlers which is compatible with ExcepT and friends.
View Handler.hs
-- A variant of
-- which suports ExceptT. Kind of.
{-# LANGUAGE FlexibleContexts, FlexibleInstances, MultiParamTypeClasses, PolyKinds, RankNTypes, TupleSections, TypeOperators, UndecidableInstances #-}
module Main where
import Test.DocTest
import Control.Monad.Except
import Control.Monad.Reader
import Control.Monad.State
import Control.Monad.Writer
gelisam / FunDay.hs
Last active Oct 2, 2019
a concrete use for FunDay, the right-adjoint of Day
View FunDay.hs
-- A concrete use case for the type which is to '(->)' as 'Day' is to '(,)'.
-- I call it "FunDay", but I don't know what its proper name is. I've been
-- trying to find a use for 'FunDay', and I think I've found a pretty neat one.
{-# LANGUAGE FlexibleContexts, FlexibleInstances, PolyKinds, RankNTypes, TypeSynonymInstances #-}
module Main where
import Test.DocTest
import Control.Monad.Except
import Control.Monad.Reader
gelisam / ShrinkingScopedPrograms.hs
Created Jul 1, 2019
writing Arbitrary instances for monadic DSLs which generate references
View ShrinkingScopedPrograms.hs
{-# LANGUAGE FlexibleInstances, GeneralizedNewtypeDeriving, LambdaCase #-}
module ShrinkingScopedPrograms where
import Test.DocTest
import Control.Monad.State
import Data.Map (Map)
import Test.QuickCheck
import qualified Data.Map as Map
-- $setup
gelisam / LocalInstance.hs
Created Jun 8, 2019
providing a local instance
View LocalInstance.hs
-- in response to
{-# LANGUAGE FlexibleContexts, FlexibleInstances, RankNTypes, ScopedTypeVariables #-}
module Main where
import Test.DocTest
import Data.Proxy
import Unsafe.Coerce
-- The goal is to implement a function
gelisam / EffectSystemsBenchmark.hs
Created Apr 25, 2019
effect-systems benchmark
View EffectSystemsBenchmark.hs
{-# LANGUAGE DataKinds, DeriveFunctor, FlexibleContexts, GADTs, LambdaCase, RankNTypes, ScopedTypeVariables, TypeApplications, TypeOperators #-}
module Main (main) where
import Criterion (bench, bgroup, nf)
import Criterion.Main (defaultMain)
import qualified Control.Monad.Trans.Class as Transformers
import qualified Control.Monad.Trans.Reader as Transformers
import qualified Control.Monad.Trans.State as Transformers
gelisam / SpeedyTraverse.hs
Last active Apr 15, 2019
benchmarking various implementations of parallel traverse
View SpeedyTraverse.hs
-- in response to
-- Green threads are very cheap, so I want to investigate under which
-- circumstances it is worth making the logic more complex in order to minimize
-- their number. So I wrote multiple implementations, ran them with a different
-- number of inputs, and with different task sizes.
-- On my four-capabilities machine, my observations are:
-- * With very small (10 μs) tasks, the single-threaded 'traverse' wins,
gelisam / Dag.hs
Created Mar 12, 2019
using indexed Monads to make illegal DAGs underrepresentable
View Dag.hs
{-# LANGUAGE FlexibleInstances, GADTs, MultiParamTypeClasses, RebindableSyntax #-}
import Data.Maybe
import Prelude (IO, putStrLn, ($), id, (.), fst, snd)
data Void
data Dag where
Dag :: Dag' a -> Dag
gelisam / Dyna.hs
Created Mar 10, 2019
dynamic programming using recursion schemes
View Dyna.hs
-- Solving a dynamic programming in many ways, including using existing
-- recursion schemes and by defining new ones. The problem of solving this
-- particular problem using recursion schemes was posed by Sandy Maguire.
{-# LANGUAGE FlexibleContexts, RankNTypes, TypeApplications, TypeFamilies, ScopedTypeVariables #-}
{-# OPTIONS -Wno-orphans #-}
module Dyna where
import Test.DocTest
import Data.Functor.Foldable (Base, Fix, Recursive(project), Corecursive(embed, ana), hylo, cataA)
gelisam / Main.hs
Created Dec 12, 2018
Averaged across persons, excluding legal fees, how much money had each person spent by time 6?
View Main.hs
-- in response to
{-# LANGUAGE BangPatterns, OverloadedStrings, RecordWildCards, ScopedTypeVariables #-}
module Main where
import Control.Category ((>>>))
import Data.Function ((&))
import Data.Map.Strict (Map, (!))
import Data.Set (Set)
import Test.DocTest (doctest)
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