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Last active July 29, 2023 16:50
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Fix Spotify stuck in full screen (Ubuntu) installed from snap

Problem: I experienced Spotify being stuck in full screen mode. The title bar with minimize, maximize and close wasn't present and no keyboard shortcut I know about would exit full screen.


@mastier has improved the solution - see here

Solution (old):

rm ~/snap/spotify/current/.config/spotify/prefs

Works both in 18.04.01 and 20.04.x

Source: (Even though this didn't fix the problem for the author, it worked for me)

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Thanks! Work perfectly on Ubuntu 22.04.

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I got Spotify from snap, so the prefs are in ~/snap/spotify/current/.config/spotify/prefs

The culprit was removing this options


Thank you. This worked for me on Ubuntu 22.04.

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cpsyctc commented Jul 30, 2022

For me too (Ubuntu 22.04.01 LTS on AMD, GNOME 42.2 and /etc/gdm3/custom.conf WaylandEnable=false (i.e. Xorg at the moment). Thanks, that was really irritating.

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Just upgraded to Ubuntu 22.04.1 and had the same issue. I removed everything except for "autologin" information and it fixed the issue for me.

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tiff413 commented Nov 2, 2022

Removing app.window.position.saved=true from ~/snap/spotify/current/.config/spotify/prefs worked for me! Thanks

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gabocles commented Nov 7, 2022

thanks @mastier . Worked just fine for me. Ubuntu 22.04 here. Cheers!

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0penSrc commented Mar 30, 2023

You are the goat. Thank you!

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Just sharing a one line script or function fix, doing what all others shared here:

I've saved it in my path and just run it whenever the situation presents, sharing in case it simplifies the adjustment for others:

#! /bin/bash
sed -i "/\b\(app.window.position\)\b/d" -- $HOME/snap/spotify/current/.config/spotify/prefs

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