View fft1.bas
rem Some tutorial DSP subroutines for Chipmunk Basic
rem genstab() Generates a sine table for use by the fft() subroutine
rem fft() Implementation of a common in-place DIT FFT algorithm
rem *** genstab(m) - a subroutine to generate sine table of length 2^m ***
rem *** must be called before calling fft() for
rem the first time, and if the length 2^m changes
sub genstab(m)
View sensortag.count.2.bas
100 rem SensorTag button press counter
102 rem This program will connect to and count TI SensorTag button presses.
104 rem It can count even in the background or with the iPhone display off.
106 rem Select a Sensor in the List and wait for connection success.
108 rem Tap the display to exit.
110 rem for HotPaw Basic 1.7.7 , , 2017-12-08
112 rem
120 fn btle.init()
125 print "Initializing BLE ..."
130 fn sleep(5)
View ble.perip.button.1.bas
100 rem BLE peripheral button service emulation
102 rem for HotPaw Basic 1.7.7 , 2017-12 , by
104 rem Provides the same button service as a TI SensorTag
106 rem Tap on the iPhone display to send a BLE notification
108 rem Enter any character to exit
110 rem
120 fn btle.init()
130 print "Initializing ..."
140 fn sleep(1) : fn sleep(1)
160 fn,"HotPaw Button Test")
View nsurl.dtask.test1.swift
// command-line Swift test of an NSURLSession dataTask
// 2017-May-06 (hotpaw)
// compile and run using:
// swiftc nsurl.dtask.test1.swift -o mytest1
// ./mytest1
View MyMetalWaterfall.swift
// MyMetalWaterfall.swift
// version 0.1.104
// Demonstrates using a MetalKit compute shader to render a live waterfall
// RGB spectrogram bitmap from iOS RemoteIO audio input into a UIView
// This is a single file iOS app (it only compiles for iOS devices, not the Simulator)
// It includes AppDelegate for a minimal demonstration app
View MyURLStreamTask.swift
// MyURLStreamTask.swift
// Demonstrates using an NSURLSessionStreamTask to implement a bidirectional TCP socket connection
// by 2017-03-07
// distribution: BSD 2-clause
import Foundation
class MyURLStreamTask {
View RecordAudio.swift
// RecordAudio.swift
// This is a Swift 3.0 class
// that uses the iOS RemoteIO Audio Unit
// to record audio input samples,
// (should be instantiated as a singleton object.)
// Created by Ronald Nicholson on 10/21/16. Updated 2017Feb07
// Copyright © 2017 HotPaw Productions. All rights reserved.
View ToneOutputUnit.swift
// ToneOutputUnit.swift
// This is a Swift 3 class (which should be instantiated as a singleton object)
// that can play a single tone of arbitrary tone and frequency on iOS devices
// using run-time sinewave synthesis and the Audio Unit v3 API with RemoteIO.
// Created by Ronald Nicholson on 2/20/2016.
// revised 2016-Sep-08 for Swift 3
View sieve.c
/* sieve.c */
/* An old small benchmark from Byte Magazine, circa 1983 and 1984, thus suitable for that vintage of computer. */
#include <stdio.h>
#define TIMES (100000L)
static unsigned char f[8192];
int main()