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Austin Wood indiesquidge

  • San Francisco, CA
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export class UserList extends React.Component {
state = { count: 0 };
handleClick = (item) => {
setTimeout(() => {
console.log(`You clicked ${} ${this.state.count} times`);
}, 3000);
render() {
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Reach UI Philosophy

Reach UI is an accessible foundation for React applications and design systems.

The three equally important goals are to be:

  • Accessible
  • Composable
  • Stylable
indiesquidge / delete-duplicate-files.js
Created Dec 15, 2018
Node binary to delete duplicate files in a directory
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const crypto = require("crypto");
const fs = require("fs");
const folder = process.argv[2];
const absoluteFolder = `${__dirname}/${folder}`;
fs.readdir(absoluteFolder, (err, files) => {
const map = {};

I've been using controlled components for near everything in my application as that has been the recommended way to go, and I subscribe to the idea that React should be in control of this state when possible.

However, I recently went through @ryanflorence's Advanced React course—which is a wonderful collection and breakdown of some powerful (and still uncommon) patterns available in React—and the last lecture is on controlled components.

At around 17:40 in the lecture video, Ryan does something very interesting. He writes some code that looks like this:

  onChange={(index) => {
indiesquidge / category-object-tree.js
Created Mar 9, 2018
Generate an object tree given an object keyed by category hierarchy levels.
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const rawCategories = {
'hierarchical_categories.level_1': {
'Beverages': 349,
'Coffee & Tea': 4,
'Deli': 35
'hierarchical_categories.level_2': {
'Beverages > Energy & Sports Drinks': 54,
'Beverages > Juice & Nectars': 111,
'Deli > Cheeses': 30
indiesquidge / App.js
Created Oct 6, 2017
Mocking modules in Jest
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import React, { Component } from 'react'
import api from './api'
class App extends Component {
constructor () {
this.state = {
name: null,
imgUrl: null
indiesquidge / App.js
Created Oct 6, 2017
Mocking globals in Jest
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import React, { Component } from 'react';
class App extends Component {
constructor () {
this.state = {
name: null,
imgUrl: null

Advanced React by React Training

Personal notes while working through Advanced React:

Granted this is a contrived example, but it's still something I took notice to: in those "Advanced React" videos I've been watching, Ryan Florence codes very slowly, and does not make one quick change and jump back to the browser to see what changed.

He stops and thinks. He asks himself (or the viewer) questions. He wonders what

indiesquidge /
Created Aug 22, 2017
A case for smaller PRs

There are a myriad of benefits of smaller PRs with smaller line change deltas:

  • easier for reviewers, not only in sheer amount of code to review, but also in the ability to provide useful feedback or start a discussion around different architecture patterns
  • lower chances of bugs creeping in
  • simpler to refactor and iterate upon
  • encourages the code author to think more iteratively (e.g. what is the API I am trying to add right now? What will it look like when I'm done? Is what I'm doing extensible? Will it be suitable for future extensions, etc.)
  • more synonymous with a CI flow; it is better to ship multiple small things that can easily be cherry-picked or reverted than it is to ship big PRs that are harder to debug and roll back

One pitfall to small PRs is people feeling like they can't move ahead or build on top of code that is up for review.

Status Type Env Vars Change Review App Ticket
Ready/Hold Feature/Bug/Tooling/Refactor/Hotfix Yes/No Link Link

⚠️ NOTE: use notes like this to emphasize something about the PR. This could include other PRs this PR is built on top of; new or removed environment variables; reasons for why the PR is on hold; or anything else you would like to draw attention to.


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