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Theuns Coetzee ipokkel

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garyharan / _mixins.scss
Created May 5, 2011
Useful scss mixins (rounded corners, gradients, text-field, button)
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@mixin box-shadow($top, $left, $blur, $color, $inset: false) {
@if $inset {
-webkit-box-shadow:inset $top $left $blur $color;
-moz-box-shadow:inset $top $left $blur $color;
box-shadow:inset $top $left $blur $color;
} @else {
-webkit-box-shadow: $top $left $blur $color;
-moz-box-shadow: $top $left $blur $color;
box-shadow: $top $left $blur $color;
ScottPhillips / .htaccess
Created Feb 2, 2012
Common .htaccess Redirects
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#301 Redirects for .htaccess
#Redirect a single page:
Redirect 301 /pagename.php
#Redirect an entire site:
Redirect 301 /
#Redirect an entire site to a sub folder
Redirect 301 /
tsi / newsite
Last active May 27, 2018
Bash script to create virtual hosts and prepare your drupal directory.
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# This script creates virtual hosts and prepares your mysql DB and drupal directory.
# you should put it under /usr/local/bin/
# and run it with sudo newsite
# Set the path to your localhost
echo "Enter directory name under $www"
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strangerstudios / gist:3100680
Created Jul 12, 2012
Hidden Levels for Paid Memberships Pro
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Plugin Name: PMPro Hidden Levels
Plugin URI:
Description: With this plugin, select levels are removed from the levels page but still available for checkout if you visit the checkout URL directly.
Version: .1
Author: Stranger Studios
Author URI:
jonathantneal /
Created Sep 19, 2012
Polyfill the EventListener interface in IE8

EventListener Polyfill

Is IE8 your new IE6? Level the playing field with polyfills.

This script polyfills addEventListener, removeEventListener, and dispatchEvent. It is less than half a kilobyte minified and gzipped.


addEventListener registers a single event listener on a single target.

jareware /
Last active May 17, 2021
Advanced SCSS, or, 16 cool things you may not have known your stylesheets could do

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Advanced SCSS

Or, 16 cool things you may not have known your stylesheets could do. I'd rather have kept it to a nice round number like 10, but they just kept coming. Sorry.

I've been using SCSS/SASS for most of my styling work since 2009, and I'm a huge fan of Compass (by the great @chriseppstein). It really helped many of us through the darkest cross-browser crap. Even though browsers are increasingly playing nice with CSS, another problem has become very topical: managing the complexity in stylesheets as our in-browser apps get larger and larger. SCSS is an indispensable tool for dealing with this.

This isn't an introduction to the language by a long shot; many things probably won't make sense unless you have some SCSS under your belt already. That said, if you're not yet comfy with the basics, check out the aweso

strangerstudios / pmpro-cancel-on-billing-failure.php
Last active Dec 3, 2020
Cancel PMPro subscriptions when a recurring payment fails.
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Cancel subscriptions when a recurring payment fails. As of PMPro version, failed payments reported via Stripe webhook, PayPal IPN handler, or silent post kick off the pmpro_subscription_payment_failed action.
Also make sure to edit the default billing_failure.html email to mention that users are cancelled upon failure. To do so, copy paid-memberships-pro/email/billing_failure.html into themes/{active theme}/paid-memberships-pro/email/ and edit the text to suit your need.
Note: This cancels on the first failure. To cancel only when cancelling at Stripe, see this gist:
function my_pmpro_subscription_payment_failed($order)
//cancel the membership
strangerstudios / pmpro_email_filter_example.php
Last active Oct 31, 2020
Edit all PMPro email properties at once via pmpro_email_filter.
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Edit email templates.
Other fields to change:
* $email->email
* $email->from
* $email->fromname
* $email->subject
* $email->template
* $email->body
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* Render_Menu
* -----------------
* Render a menu using simple, semantic HTML
* Usage: new Render_Menu(@name)
* @name (string) name of the menu ("main-navigation")
jonathantneal / facebook.php
Last active Dec 8, 2020
Getting social media feeds as JSON in PHP
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/* Getting a JSON Facebook Feed
1. Sign in as a developer at
2. Click "Create New App" at
3. Under Apps Settings, find the App ID and App Secret