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How to move to a fork after cloning
So you've cloned somebody's repo from github, but now you want to fork it and contribute back. Never fear!
Technically, when you fork "origin" should be your fork and "upstream" should be the project you forked; however, if you're willing to break this convention then it's easy.
* Off the top of my head *
1. Fork their repo on Github
2. In your local, add a new remote to your fork; then fetch it, and push your changes up to it
git remote add my-fork
git fetch my-fork
git push my-fork
Otherwise, if you want to follow convention:
1. Fork their repo on Github
2. In your local, rename your origin remote to upstream
git remote rename origin upstream
3. Add a new origin
git remote add origin
4. Fetch & push
git fetch origin
git push origin
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clmcavaney commented May 25, 2021

Thanks 👍

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lesywix commented Aug 8, 2021


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ripudaman17 commented Oct 1, 2021

Thanks a lot

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Bug-Reaper commented Jan 16, 2022

Still good, thanks 👍

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flipphillips commented Feb 28, 2022

You know what's hilarious? I literally searched for the opening sentence in this gist.

More people should open their help with "So you want to ... X" :)

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