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jagregory /
Created August 8, 2016 01:58
Python 3 script to use as a hook for the client
#!/usr/bin/env python3
# How to use:
# LE_HOSTED_ZONE=XXXXXX LE_AWS_PROFILE=dns-access ./ --cron --domain --challenge dns-01 --hook /tmp/
# More info about
# Using AWS Profiles:
# Obtaining your Hosted Zone ID from Route 53:
package parser
import "database/sql"
type Row struct {
MenuId int
Menu sql.NullString
Submenu sql.NullString
Item sql.NullString
Parent int
Jeremy, this is for your benefit. I wanted to follow Josh's advice with that patch that Peter just sent in.
Here was my workflow:
- git pull (make sure I'm up to date)
- git apply patch.txt
- del patch.txt
- rake
- git commit -a -m "blah blah"
- git pull
using System.Reflection;
using FluentNHibernate.AutoMap;
using FluentNHibernate.Framework;
using MyApplication.Core.Domain;
namespace MyApplication.Core.Persistence
public class MyCustomPersistenceModel : AutoPersistenceModel
public MyCustomPersistenceModel()