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probably drinking coffee
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jdrew1303 /
Created July 15, 2023 00:19 — forked from darothen/
Cubed Sphere Mesh Generation and Plotting
from itertools import product
import numpy as np
INV_SQRT_3 = 1.0 / np.sqrt(3.0)
ASIN_INV_SQRT_3 = np.arcsin(INV_SQRT_3)
def gaussian_bell(xs, ys, xc=0., yc=0., xsigma=1., ysigma=1.):
""" Compute a 2D Gaussian with asymmetric standard deviations and
jdrew1303 /
Created April 15, 2023 02:32 — forked from JoanTheSpark/
v2 with spin direction and increasing amount of segments per turn for smoother result in outer circles
import sys, os
import shutil
import math
import itertools
from copy import deepcopy
# 0 1 2 3 4 5 6
LIST_elmt = [" ("," (start ",") (end ",") "," (layer ",") ","))"]
#LIST_elmt = [" (gr_line (start 131.571908 182.314571) (end 112.874456 120.68499) (angle 90) (layer Dwgs.User) (width 0.1))"]
#LIST_elmt = [" (segment (start 118.7 106.7) (end 119.4 106.7) (width 0.25) (layer B.Cu) (net 0))"]
View Dockerfile
FROM emscripten/emsdk:3.1.25
RUN apt-get update \
&& apt-get install -qqy \
autoconf \
build-essential \
libglib2.0-dev \
libtool \
pkgconf \
jdrew1303 /
Created February 24, 2023 21:20 — forked from wiseman/
Langchain example: self-debugging
from io import StringIO
import sys
from typing import Dict, Optional
from langchain.agents import load_tools
from langchain.agents import initialize_agent
from import Tool
from langchain.llms import OpenAI
jdrew1303 / SMBDIS.ASM
Last active October 13, 2022 00:06 — forked from 1wErt3r/SMBDIS.ASM
A Comprehensive Super Mario Bros. Disassembly
;by doppelganger (
;This file is provided for your own use as-is. It will require the character rom data
;and an iNES file header to get it to work.
;There are so many people I have to thank for this, that taking all the credit for
;myself would be an unforgivable act of arrogance. Without their help this would
;probably not be possible. So I thank all the peeps in the nesdev scene whose insight into
;the 6502 and the NES helped me learn how it works (you guys know who you are, there's no
jdrew1303 /
Created April 7, 2021 01:50 — forked from morewry/
Rollup Bundle Stats of "Hello, World" Web Components with SkateJS renderer options. Your approximate bundle size starting point before adding your own code.

Bundle Sizes

Your mileage will vary.


│                                    │
│   Destination: dist/index.umd.js   │
jdrew1303 /
Created March 20, 2021 22:29 — forked from yakovsh/
Converting from DJVU to PDF
# Here is the software that is needed for the conversion to take place:
# 1. DjVuLibre .
# 2. LibTiff .
# NOTE: The ddjvu utility has an option to convert specific layers. One common mistake is to convert only the mask layer
# or the foreground layer . Technically speaking, the mask layer is the one that should have the actual text but in
# practice I have seen that the the DjVu encoder occasionally puts portions of the text in the background layer. Thus,
# if you only take the foreground or mask layers, you will lose those bits in the background. If your specific files
View KalmanFilterExample.R
mycols <- topo.colors(100,0.5)
xhat <- c(0.2, -0.2)
Sigma <- matrix(c(0.4, 0.3,
0.3, 0.45), ncol=2)
x1 <- seq(-2, 4,length=151)
x2 <- seq(-4, 2,length=151)
f <- function(x1,x2, mean=xhat, varcov=Sigma)
dmnorm(cbind(x1,x2), mean,varcov)
z <- outer(x1,x2, f)