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The Minaswan::Interview

Session Format: Talk


White-boarding is not nice. An unpaid take home project is not nice. We decided to apply the Ruby community motto "Matz is nice and so we are nice," to our enterprise technical interview process. Come learn what changes we made, how we enlisted support of other rubyists and non-rubyists alike, and how you can too.


The current state of interviewing is not nice


About Turing Shadow Day

On-Site Job Shadowing


Time Event
12:30 Welcome and overview of the day
1:00 Pair with Engineer
3:00 Q & A with Engineering Manager
3:30 Q & A with HR
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I am not panicking. You're panicking.


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I am not panicking. You're panicking.


  • Regular Session
  • Workshop


View Jesse Spevack React Developer
import {Component} from 'react'
class Counter extends Component {
state = {
count: 0
render() {
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import React, { Component, PropTypes } from 'react';
const TOGGLE_BUTTON_SELECTOR = "toggle-button"
const TOGGLE_LABEL_SELECTOR = "toggle-label"
const DEFAULT_LABEL_TEXT = "Label Text"
const DEFAULT_BUTTON_LEFT_TEXT = "Button Left"
const DEFAULT_BUTTON_RIGHT_TEXT = "Button Right"
class ToggleButton extends Component {
constructor(props) {
View Open Source Pitch - Jesse

Contributing to shoulda matchers

  • Why: I use shoulda matchers.
  • What: I found a feature request at that sounds approachable. It asks for some clarification in the docs / code about using the enum matcher.
  • I Need: to dig into shoulda matchers and get the dev setup running locally.
  • When I'm Done: In the original GitHub issue it sounds like the developers are in favor of the feature, so I think I can get this accepted for the next version of the library.

Contributing to factory girl

  • Why: I use factory girl.

DTR Memo

Project: Rails Engine

Group Member Names:

  • Jasmin Hudacsek
  • Calaway
  • Brian Goss
  • Jesse Spevack

Project Expectations:

What does each group member hope to get out of this project? Goals and expectations:

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Last active Nov 21, 2016
Jesse Spevack JavaScript Exercism Reflections

##Leap My code: here

  • Responder #1 (here) - This responder used a multi-line if / else statement and did not extract out the 3 modulo operations into a separate function.

  • Responder #2 (here) - This responder used a ternary statement, but unnecessarily included a true / false return.

  • Responder #3 (here) - This user decided to build the logic out with a nested conditional, nesting the %100 and %400 checks within the %4 conditional. It appears cleaner at first glance and the nested structure does mirror the logic of the problem, though I know in a more complex situation a nested conditional could prove to be a real can of worms.

  • Responder #4 (here - This responder used thr

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Created Nov 12, 2016
Response to Shop Talk Episode 147: Tom Dale

Do you agree with Tom?

Tom argues that the role of the client and server are quite separate and thus necessitate their own applications. He states that by building an API and then a separate application that handles the views, it makes it easier to develop for mobile, improves performance, and makes code more maintainable.

What parts of his argument are compelling?

I like the idea that we aren't fully harnessing the potential of the client computer. I also like the idea of spearating concerns.

What parts do you disagree with?

I don't really disagree with anything, but there were two points that surprised me. First, he was pretty down on Angular. As a Google fan, that surprised me. Second, learning about his path from Genius Bar to developer was interesting. It seems like he saw it as pretty serendipitious.