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Install Golang on Linux
## Install Golang Stable 64Bits on Linux (Debian|Ubuntu|OpenSUSE|CentOS)
## Run as root (sudo su)
## Thank's @geosoft1 | @gwmoura
GO_VERSION=$(curl -s ''|head -n1)
# Check if user has root privileges
if [[ $EUID -ne 0 ]]; then
echo "You must run the script as root or using sudo"
exit 1
GET_OS=$(cat /etc/os-release | head -n1 | cut -d'=' -f2 | awk '{ print tolower($1) }'| tr -d '"')
if [[ $GET_OS == 'debian' || $GET_OS == 'ubuntu' ]]; then
apt-get update && apt-get install -y git-core
if [[ $GET_OS == 'opensuse' ]]; then
zypper in -y git-core
if [[ $GET_OS == 'centos' || $GET_OS == 'amazon' ]]; then
yum -y install git-core
cd /tmp
curl -LO --progress-bar ${GO_URL}/${GO_FILE}
tar -zxf ${GO_FILE} -C /usr/local
rm -f ${GO_FILE}
echo 'export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/go/bin
export PATH=$PATH:$GOPATH/bin' >> /etc/profile
### You do not need to run commands with root or sudo
source /etc/profile
## mkdir -p $HOME/GO
## Test if Golang is working
go version
### The output is this:
## go version go1.7 linux/amd64
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basicaly you do not need root rights to use go. you can extract in your /home/user directory an use it.
see this project how make the things:

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@geosoft1 Script Update

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geosoft1 commented Dec 8, 2015

remember to use wget --no-check-certificate otherwise it will not download on some distributions.

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@geosoft1 Thank's
Add my script

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ronoaldo commented Jun 1, 2016

Isn't --no-check-certificate a bad thing to do in a shared script? You are instructing your users to avoid validating the download source, so you are building a script that has a vulnerability for man-in-the-middle-attacks. One could tamper the Go compiled and users using your script can use a tampered go version to redistribute malicious code on ther programs. Just some toughts...

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gwmoura commented Jun 1, 2016

@jniltinho, one suggestion:


With this change you can install a default value for Go ou another version

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apt-get install wget git-core

needs to be

apt-get install -y wget git-core

no need for manual approval then

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Thanks !!!

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posilva commented Dec 18, 2017

Replacing if [[ $GET_OS == 'centos' ]]; then by if [[ $GET_OS == 'centos' || $GET_OS == 'amazon' ]]; then would be great to use in AWS EC2.

Add some echo like Run command as non-root to init GOPATH: 'mkdir -p $HOME/GO/src' in the end would give additional instruction for the final tweaks.

Great script thank you


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udhos commented Jun 14, 2020

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