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Middle Layer

  • Top->Right: URur ufUF
  • Top->Left: ulUL UFuf

Top Layer

  • Make a Cross: FUR urf (or if straight: FRU ruf)
  • Corners: RUrU RUUr
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Beer making equipment I own

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  • 22.7L strong aluminium stockpot. Longlife: 23cm H x 35.5cm D. Link
  • 15L Young's Fermentation bucket with airlock link 42.5cm H x 32cm D
  • 15L Young's Fermentation bucket with tap link
  • Trial jar
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Hops, everything about lovely hops

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The bittering, flavor, and aroma characteristics of hops are created by a two major types of chemical compound contained in the cone-shaped hop flower: acids and oils.


Home Brew Talk on Alpha Acids

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Beer ingredients in stock

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Malt (Crushed already)

  • 3Kg Pale Malt
  • 590g Crystal Malt
  • 500g Carafa III


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Converts sweet wort into beer. Yeast consume the sugar in wort, and turn it into CO2, alcohol, and flavour compounds.

Yeast have the potential to contribute more unique flavors to your beer—both good and bad—than any other ingredient.

We didn't know it existed until 1857 when Pasteur discovered it's role as a living organism.

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BIAB Technique

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Prepare Equipment

  • Dry Area: BIAB bag, 1L & 1/2L Pyrex, malt/hop glass, electronic scales, cake rack
  • Wet Area: Fermentor with lid & airlock. Wort chiller, refractometer, metal sieve, towels, brew sheet
  • Flame Area: Stockpot, lid, ruler, mash paddle, digital thermometer
  • Ingredients: Malt, Hops, Yeast
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Cultivation Bonus material
  • Uncle Bob on Foreman:

  • Hands up who measures velocity, who measures effectiveness?

  • German forestry

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  • Valhalla: Pale, Special B, and a pinch of roasted barley
  • HomeBrew I: 80.6% Maris Otter, 7.2% Munich Malt, 4.8% CaraMalt, 4.0% Crystal Rye Malt, 1.6% Carafa Special® TYPE III
  • HomBrew II: 66% Palt Malt, 16% Caramel 80, 10% Victory, 7% Vienna
  • HomeBrew III: 89% Pale Malt, 7% Crystal 120, 3.5% Crystal 60, 1% Roasted Barley
  • HomeBrew IV: 86% row pale. 7% crystal 60, 7% Special B Malt, a touch of Roasted Barley


  • Fruity: Pligram
  • Citrus: Brambling Cross
  • Tobacco / Earthy: East Kent Golding, Progress
  • Floral: Challenger, First Gold
  • Herbal: Admiral, Soverign, WGV
  • Pine: Northdown