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nginx hack for multiple conditions
if ($request_uri = /) {
set $test A;
if ($host ~* {
set $test "${test}B";
if ($http_cookie !~* "auth_token") {
set $test "${test}C";
if ($test = ABC) {
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GeoffreyHervet commented Dec 1, 2016

Thanks !

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sinasalek commented Jan 3, 2017

You are a god :D

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PeterRJones commented Feb 17, 2017

Great solution! For those suggestion a map, that is great if condition variable remains the same for all checks. If not, this solution trumps map.

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danlsgiga commented Apr 5, 2017

Thanks for this but I prefer to use @songsfromthewood map solution.

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glamrock commented May 16, 2017

@songsfromthewood's example works great, with the exception of empty strings (like referer or useragent). But for blank referer and useragent, it's still pretty good :D

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aluttik commented Aug 30, 2017

for those who haven't read this yet: If Is Evil

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nkn786 commented Nov 30, 2017

Hi All,

I am checking the header "x-token" present from the incoming request if not i have to send 403 in nginx below is my code

if ($http_x-token = ""){
return 403;

But here "-" is the problem so how do i achieve this. if i pass the header as "xtoken" its working as expected
Could you please any one guide on this query.


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NickHibma commented Dec 15, 2017

nkn786, try $http_x_token.

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havilchis commented Jul 28, 2018

You truly are the king of kings

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onier commented Aug 10, 2018

awesome ! 666666

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ezra-obiwale commented Aug 17, 2018

Nice. Thanks

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escudero89 commented Jun 11, 2019

Awesome man, thanks.

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Azzurite commented Sep 6, 2019

Seems, you are not familiar with map, or do not like it. More short and elegant:

":" is used just like delimiter, you can use any other symbol not used in checked variables.

map "$request_uri:$host:$http_cookie" $test {
    default 0;
    "/"  1;

server {
    if ( $test ) {

@songsfromthewood Actually no, yours does not match "" while the original post does.

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boddumanohar commented Mar 13, 2020

this is awesome!

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GoodJob commented Mar 17, 2021

Need explanation.... what actually this does:
if ($host ~* {
set $test "${test}";
Does it takes "this" or what? Thanks!

How to write this condition?

if ($host * {
set $subdomain_name = ?;


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