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Last active Jun 22, 2022
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Why are some trains missing from the map? internally uses a (legacy) API by Deutsche Bahn to find all direct trains running via a given station within the next 1-2 weeks. This API includes most trains in central Europe, but data availability gets significantly lower the further away stations are from routes (co-)operated by DB. Furthermore, trains operated by smaller companies seem to be missing more often than those run by state-owned operators, probably due to a lack of data sharing agreements.

Why do we use this DB-specific API in the first place? Unfortunately, there still isn't any public dataset available which covers all public transport routes in Europe (or even the EU, at least). Some countries don‘t provide data at all, others only publish data per region and operator (e.g. France), which is very hard to combine into a single dataset. See also:

That being said, we‘ll try to use a more complete data source as soon as one becomes available.

Can I help to fix this?

Yes, you could (e.g.):

  • comment below if you found a train that should be on the map, but isn't (please mention the train number and operator, and destination, if possible) to help us understand these edge cases
  • raise awareness for this issue (the lack of data) by contacting politicians in your country, complaining about it on Twitter, etc. (be creative 😄)
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pcharasz commented Dec 13, 2021

Hi, thanks for this awesome tool! I wanted to make you aware of some missing trains:
IC68/PKP Intercity: Warszawa Wschodnia (Poland) - Kiev Pass (Ukraine) ->> This connection is visible if you select Kiev Pass, but is not visible if you select Warszawa Wschodnia.
D36: Przemyśl Główny (Poland) - Odessa (Ukraine) ->> This connection is not visible when you select Lviv, even though the train stops at Lviv station.

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Schnellzug414 commented Dec 13, 2021

The direct coches on EC 113 to Zagreb Glavni Kolodvor are missing

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BP2022 commented Dec 31, 2021

Great and usefull map! Would it be possible to have an automatic indicator showing the count of the dots? And if possible divided in (adjustable) categories?

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pulkomandy commented Jan 11, 2022

Eurostar stop in Paris Nord seems to be missing:

Train numbers and schedule listed here:

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alterisian commented Apr 5, 2022

Woah. This is very cool. Thanks for making it.
It seems like Málaga shows up in the results for other stations (Madrid & Barcelona), but not in the search itself. How can I help fix it?

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pulkomandy commented Apr 5, 2022

None of the lines from appears on the map (for example when looking at Barcelona Sants or Latour de Carol stations)

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rgerland commented May 8, 2022

A train station is missing in France : 'Marne-la-Vallée Chessy' is located at Disneyland Paris (postal code 77700) and gets TGV Inoui, Ouigo, Thalys and Eurostar : . The train station is connected with the regional train service (RER lane A).
Not to be confused with 'Chessy' (postal code 69380) which is near Lyon and has a train station too :) (and that one is already on the map)

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Aakser commented May 10, 2022

There seems to be an error with Aix en Provence TGV station in France.
This city has 2 stations (a high speed and a low speed one), but both gives the same results, which are the one from the low speed station :

The high speed (Aix en provence TGV) one is the most interesting with your tool though ...
To me it look like it's just a copy paste duplicate or an error in pointing to the right station ...

THank you for this wonderfull tool though

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juliuste commented May 13, 2022

Hey everyone, thanks for reporting these issues, you're a huge help! 🙂

I'm still not sure why some trains are missing, but I found (and fixed juliuste/ a quite significant bug on my side where the station search would not show stations that had express trains only, without any regional/normal-speed traffic. This should at least cover the cases mentioned by @Aakser (Aix-En-Provence TGV) and @rgerland (Marne-la-Vallée Chessy), these stations should now be visible in the search.

Regarding the issues mentioned by @alterisian and @pulkomandy (the Eurostar one), these seem to be fixed too, but I'm not 100% sure if that's related, please double-check and confirm that, if you can.

Again thanks to everyone, please keep reporting here. (PS: Sorry for the late response from my side 😅)

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pulkomandy commented May 14, 2022

Eurostar seems to be working now, thanks 😄

For the other issue I will open a dedicated ticket on the issue tracker, I think that's more convenient :)

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QGgWW2WhH commented May 15, 2022

Night train vienna to Split missing

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archdderwydd commented May 16, 2022

Munich-Paris ICE9576 and Paris-Munich ICE9577 both missing.

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Donautalbahner commented May 17, 2022

International EC trains Frankfurt - Klagenfurt (every two hours) are missing. I.e. EC 113.

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rekatab commented May 24, 2022

Are S-Bahn (by DB) not supported?

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alterisian commented May 24, 2022

Málaga now seems to be included. Thanks for fixing that :)

Happy to get involved in any #mobprogramming efforts to fix future bugs.

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nieebel commented May 24, 2022

Frankfurt (via Heidelberg) - Zagreb is missing (EC113/112/213/212)

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