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‪“‬In what way is JS any more maintainable than CSS? How does writing CSS in JS make it any more maintainable?”

‪Happy to chat about this. There’s an obvious disclaimer that there’s a cost to css-in-js solutions, but that cost is paid specifically for the benefits it brings; as such it’s useful for some usecases, and not meant as a replacement for all workflows. ‬

‪(These conversations always get heated on twitter, so please believe that I’m here to converse, not to convince. In return, I promise to listen to you too and change my opinions; I’ve had mad respect for you for years and would consider your feedback a gift. Also, some of the stuff I’m writing might seem obvious to you; I’m not trying to tell you if all people of some of the details, but it might be useful to someone else who bumps into this who doesn’t have context)‬

So the big deal about css-in-js (cij) is selectors.

kentcdodds / use-deep-compare-effect.js
Created Nov 9, 2018
a custom react hook that I want feedback on because it feels like a lot of work and maybe I'm missing something...
View use-deep-compare-effect.js
// Feedback requested on the useDeepCompareEffect
// it just feels like a bit of work...
// when people use the useQuery hook, they'll typically
// do so like this: `useQuery(myQuery, {var1: props.value})`
// which means that passing `variables` to `useEffect` will
// trigger a rerun of the callback even if they didn't
// actually change (referrential equality)
function useQuery({query, variables}) {
justsml / AsyncObjectStore.js
Last active Nov 8, 2019
Add auto JSON encoding to `localStorage` & `AsyncStorage` (from React Native)
View AsyncObjectStore.js
Utility for React Native's AsyncStorage module.
Auto encodes/decodes using `JSON`.
Essentially data is saved as key/value to available flash/SD storage.
import { AsyncStorage } from "react-native"
export default {
setItem(key, value) {
return AsyncStorage.setItem(key, JSON.stringify(value))
justsml / cache.js
Created Mar 11, 2018
Debounce Promise Results using Naïve Timeout-based Expiration/Caching
View cache.js
module.exports = { createCachedPromise, cacheifyAll };
// TODO: Add Map/WeakMap cache isolation for arguments passed into cacheifyAll's methods
* Extends all functions on an Object or Class with 'Cached' suffixed methods.
* Methods must return promises when called! Won't break existing functions/usage.
* -----
justsml /
Last active Mar 26, 2018 — forked from rands0n/
echo "Starting XCode Command Line Tools Setup... Continue using the GUI prompt..."
sleep 4s
xcode-select --install
echo "DONE: Installing XCode Command Line Tools\!"
# install homebrew
/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
chadwithuhc / declaring-values-in-function.js
Last active Feb 7, 2018
React Refactors for Clean Code
View declaring-values-in-function.js
// Challenge: Refactor the `render()` method with declare all variables at top
render() {
return (
<div className="profile-card">
<header className="profile-header" onClick={this.toggleClass}>
<img src={this.props.profile.image} alt={} />
justsml /
Last active Nov 8, 2019
JavaScript Fetch API Examples
littledan / header.jsidl
Created Dec 4, 2017
Should JavaScript use a header file format (a la WebIDL) to define its standard library?
View header.jsidl
class Math {
static abs(x: Number): Number; // Types optional; provide cast on input and assertion on ouptut
static LOG10E: Number;
// ...
getify / 1.js
Last active Aug 12, 2018
Proposal: curried function declarations in javascript -- aka, making FP development in JS much much nicer
View 1.js
// Standard:
function fn(x) {
return function(y){
return function(z){
return x * y / z;
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