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Dan Levy justsml

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"use strict";
const fs = require("fs");
const fsPromises = fs.promises;
const { spawnSync } = require("child_process");
const workflows = "test";
const out = "test";
// See docs:
const FP = require('functional-promises');

Speaker Rider

by Tatiana Mac

Before I'll agree to a speaking event, I try to do as much research I can around the event to ensure it aligns with my ethos. I want to share this in case it's helpful to any other speakers.

👐 Speaking comes with immense privilege. I am grateful to all the conference organisers who have brilliantly hosted me. I would love to continue to exercise this privilege to speak at conferences, and use this privilege to make the landscape more accessible and beneficial to tech's most marginalised and suppressed communities.

😫 I wish I didn't have to, but this is long because I provide a lot of explanations for those of you who never had to consider these things. And I will be honest, most thoughtful conferences I've attended check most of these boxes intrinsically, particularly when conference runners are experienced speakers. They get it.

1️⃣ All of these are based on my own ethos. I don't wish to or attempt to speak on behalf of all conference speake

View unicode-helpers.js
const combiningMarks = /([\0-\u02FF\u0370-\u1AAF\u1B00-\u1DBF\u1E00-\u20CF\u2100-\uD7FF\uE000-\uFE1F\uFE30-\uFFFF]|[\uD800-\uDBFF][\uDC00-\uDFFF]|[\uD800-\uDBFF](?![\uDC00-\uDFFF])|(?:[^\uD800-\uDBFF]|^)[\uDC00-\uDFFF])([\u0300-\u036F\u1AB0-\u1AFF\u1DC0-\u1DFF\u20D0-\u20FF\uFE20-\uFE2F]+)/gmi;
Remove unicode combining symbols.
Will convert the following string: Z͑ͫ̓ͪ̂ͫ̽͏̴̙̤̞͉͚̯̞̠͍A̴̵̜̰͔ͫ͗͢L̠ͨͧͩ͘G̴̻͈͍͔̹̑͗̎̅͛́Ǫ̵̹̻̝̳͂̌̌͘!͖̬̰̙̗̿̋ͥͥ̂ͣ̐́́͜͞
Into: ZALGǪ!
export const removeCombiningMarks = (input) => {
return input.replace(combiningMarks, (substr, ...args) => {
justsml / cloudflare-workers-signup-endpoint.js
Created Feb 23, 2020
Uses Cloudflare KV data store & Google ReCaptcha!
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// Note to self: Currently running here:
## Utility Functions
const isEmailShaped = email => email && email.length > 5 && email.indexOf('@') > -1
const sendJSON = (data, status = 200) => new Response(
typeof data !== 'string' ? JSON.stringify(data) : data, {
headers: { 'Content-Type': 'application/json; charset=UTF-8' },
justsml /
Last active Feb 1, 2020
PSA: Modern project configuration files needlessly pollute root folders by default!
justsml /
Created Jan 29, 2020
Export all collections in a mongo database to JSON files!
set -euo pipefail
View lost-in-callbacks.js
The number of stack frames that can
(reasonably) be tracked is small (~dozens).
When you run code like below, the inner async `writeFile`
can 'lose' its prior frame(s) 2 main ways:
1. When the outer `forEach` completes (w/ asyncs still running)
the stack pops off the completed synchronous frames into
the ether. Any later failure may only have a bit of async
justsml / index.html
Last active Oct 7, 2019
User Interface I: Airport Starter File
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Semantic Markup === Meaningful code
Some semantic markup examples:
set -e
networksetup -getdnsservers Wi-Fi
networksetup -setdnsservers Wi-Fi \
# Quad 9 Cloudflare Google