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Powershell 1-liner to generate random n-byte key from Windows command line
// Windows equivalent to Linux/Mac: echo $(head -c 64 /dev/urandom | base64 | tr -d '\n')
// Get-Random in Windows 10/Server 2016 PowerShell uses a CSPRNG seed by default.
// Prior to PS 5.1, seed was system clock.
// For Win 10/2016+
powershell -command "[Convert]::ToBase64String((1..64|%{[byte](Get-Random -Max 256)}))"
// For Win 8.x/2012
powershell -command "$r=[byte[]]::new(64);$g=[System.Security.Cryptography.RandomNumberGenerator]::Create();$g.GetBytes($r);[Convert]::ToBase64String($r)"
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