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BernCarney / FreeNAS11 Media
Last active Dec 4, 2020
FreeNAS 11 - Jails setup for Plex, NGINX, PlexPy, Sonarr, Radarr, Jackett, Ombi, and Nzbget
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FreeNAS 11 setup for Plex, PlexPy, Sonarr, Radarr, Jackett, NZBGet, Organizr, NGinx, and Ombi

I am currently working on updating this guide after updating my media server. I have added notes on things I no longer use but may update those sections in the future for users who still use them. As of now, I have everything working with the exception of Ombi and the plugins I no longer use.

Anubisss /
Last active Jan 13, 2021
How to compile statically linked OpenVPN client for ARMv5

How to compile statically linked OpenVPN client for ARMv5

You need to install ARMv5 gcc cross compiler: apt-get install gcc-arm-linux-gnueabi

You have to define a directory (via --prefix) where all of your binaries will be installed (copied). In the guide I use the following: /home/user/vpn_compile


  1. Download the source: wget
paulirish /
Last active Jan 22, 2021
What forces layout/reflow. The comprehensive list.

What forces layout / reflow

All of the below properties or methods, when requested/called in JavaScript, will trigger the browser to synchronously calculate the style and layout*. This is also called reflow or layout thrashing, and is common performance bottleneck.

Generally, all APIs that synchronously provide layout metrics will trigger forced reflow / layout. Read on for additional cases and details.

Element APIs

Getting box metrics
  • elem.offsetLeft, elem.offsetTop, elem.offsetWidth, elem.offsetHeight, elem.offsetParent
TobiasWooldridge / gist:22f0cdca75190b9a473f
Last active Jan 2, 2021
How to Unbrick a Kindle Paperwhite
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How to unbrick an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite™

This guide instructs you in how to unbrick an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. The consequences of following it are your own responsibility. This method (opening the Kindle and using the serial interface) should be a last resort and should only be considered if other methods fail

The Guide

  1. Pry open Kindle using a prying tool
  2. Unscrew the screen and remove it from the base. Note that there's a screw hidden under the adhesive at the top in the middle
  3. Solder tin wire to serial ports on the bottom
  4. Attach tin wire to USB TTY device (order is ground, RX, TX, from the kindle's perspective, where GND is the smallest pad) and plug USB TTY device into your computer
  5. Open Putty on your computer in serial mode, with the serial port specified as your USB device and baud configured to 115200
rubencaro /
Last active Jan 14, 2021
Elixir installation guide

Elixir installation guide

Version numbers should be the ones you want. Here I do it with the last ones available at the moment of writing.

The simplest way to install elixir is using your package manager. Sadly, at the time of writing only Fedora shows the intention to keep its packages up to date. There you can simply sudo dnf install erlang elixir and you are good to go.

Anyway, if you intend to work with several versions of erlang or elixir at the same time, or you are tied to a specific version, you will need to compile it yourself. Then asdf is your best friend.

staltz /
Last active Jan 23, 2021
The introduction to Reactive Programming you've been missing
kenmickles /
Last active Nov 27, 2020
Shell script to dynamically update a Digital Ocean DNS record
TOKEN="Get token from"
IP=`curl -s | grep -Eo '[0-9\.]+'`
# to get record id:
# curl -X GET -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -H "Authorization: Bearer $TOKEN" "$DOMAIN/records"
jdkanani / notepad.html
Last active Dec 18, 2020 — forked from jakeonrails/Ruby Notepad Bookmarklet
This bookmarklet gives you a code editor in your browser with a single click.
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data:text/html, <style type="text/css">.e{position:absolute;top:0;right:0;bottom:0;left:0;}</style><div class="e" id="editor"></div><script src="" type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8"></script><script>var e=ace.edit("editor");e.setTheme("ace/theme/monokai");e.getSession().setMode("ace/mode/ruby");</script>
For other language: Instead of `ace/mode/ruby`, Use
Markdown -> `ace/mode/markdown`
Python -> `ace/mode/python`
C/C++ -> `ace/mode/c_cpp`
Javscript -> `ace/mode/javascript`
Java -> `ace/mode/java`
Scala- -> `ace/mode/scala`
fennb / gist:1124535
Created Aug 4, 2011
node.js proxy server in 20 lines of JS (via
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var http = require('http');
http.createServer(function(request, response) {
var proxy = http.createClient(80, request.headers['host'])
var proxy_request = proxy.request(request.method, request.url, request.headers);
proxy_request.addListener('response', function (proxy_response) {
proxy_response.addListener('data', function(chunk) {
response.write(chunk, 'binary');
proxy_response.addListener('end', function() {
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au BufRead,BufNewFile jquery.*.js set ft=javascript syntax=jquery
set nocompatible
set autoindent
set tabstop=2
set showmatch
set vb t_vb=
set ruler
set nohls
set incsearch
syntax on