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View UIScrollView+UIPageControl.swift
import RxSwift
import RxCocoa
fileprivate extension Reactive where Base: UIScrollView {
fileprivate var currentPage: Observable<Int> {
let pageWidth = self.base.frame.width
let page = floor((self.base.contentOffset.x - pageWidth / 2) / pageWidth) + 1
return Int(page)
View OptionParser.swift
let parser = ArgumentParser(commandName: "swiftfmt", usage: "swiftfmt filename [options]", overview: "Format Swift source code")
let filenameArgument = parser.add(positional: "filename", kind: String.self)
let configrationOption = parser.add(option: "--configuration", kind: String.self)
let versionOption = parser.add(option: "--version", kind: Bool.self)
let verboseOption = parser.add(option: "--verbose", kind: Bool.self, usage: "Show more debugging information")
let result = try parser.parse(Array(CommandLine.arguments.dropFirst()))
if let version = result.get(versionOption) {
print("Swiftfmt 0.1.0")
View Info.plist
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
<plist version="1.0">

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am kishikawakatsumi on github.
  • I am kishikawakatsumi ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key whose fingerprint is BE27 F270 E0AB 074F 5673 354D 5DB1 8678 5A47 C1FF

To claim this, I am signing this object:

View ReorderingRealmListInTableView.swift
import UIKit
import RealmSwift
class Data: Object {
dynamic var name = ""
class DataWrapper: Object {
let list = List<Data>()
View ReorderingRealmResultsInTableView.swift
import UIKit
import RealmSwift
class Data: Object {
dynamic var name = ""
dynamic var order = 0 // 並べ替えのためのカラムが必要
View gist:be87a6bf6992f815aa18
#import "ViewController.h"
@import CoreText;
@interface ViewController ()
@implementation ViewController
View .travis.yml
language: objective-c
- vendor/bundle
- Pods
- bundle install --path=vendor/bundle --binstubs=vendor/bin
- bundle exec pod install
- '[ ! -z $(echo ${TRAVIS_BRANCH} | grep "^release.*$") ] && CONFIG=release || CONFIG=adhoc'
View Rakefile
require "rubygems/version"
require "rake/clean"
require "date"
require 'time'
require "json"
require "open3"
# Application info
APP_NAME = "Ubiregi2"
SDK = "iphoneos"
View main.m
#import <UIKit/UIKit.h>
#import "AppDelegate.h"
int main(int argc, char * argv[])
@autoreleasepool {
[[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults] setBool:NO forKey:@"UIDisableLegacyTextView"];
return UIApplicationMain(argc, argv, nil, NSStringFromClass([AppDelegate class]));