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Internet Radio Streams Via Command Line
# 1. Install mplayer command line (via Brew, Macports, or APT)
# 2. Add the following aliases to ~/.profile
# 3. Type `source ~/.profile`
# 3. Type `news` or `current` to listen in your terminal
alias news="mplayer -playlist" # MPR News
alias current="mplayer -playlist" # The Current
alias classical="mplayer -playlist" # Classical MPR
alias localcurrent="mplayer -playlist" # Local Current
alias heartland="mplayer -playlist" # MPR Radio Heartland
alias wonderground="mplayer" # MPR Wonderground Windows Media
alias choral="mplayer -playlist" # Clasical MPR Choral
alias wefunk="mplayer -playlist" # WEFUNK Radio MP3 64K
alias sleepbot="mplayer -playlist" # Sleepbot Environmental Broadcast 56K MP3
alias groovesalad="mplayer -playlist" # Soma FM Groove Salad iTunes AAC 128K
alias dronezone="mplayer -playlist" # Soma FM Drone Zone iTunes AAC 128K
alias lush="mplayer -playlist" # Soma FM Lush iTunes AAC 128K
alias sonicuniverse="mplayer -playlist" # Soma FM Sonic Universe iTunes AAC 128K
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