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Last active September 13, 2022 14:01
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Asterisk voicemail mailcmd script for VM transcription
# sendmail-bluemix
# current verison of this script:
# Original source created by N. Bernaerts:
# modified per:
# Notes: This is a script modified from the original to work with a FreePBX Distro PBX so that email notifications sent from
# Asterisk voicemail contain a speech to text trasncription provided by IBM Bluemix
# License: There are no explicit license terms on the original script or on the blog post with modifications
# I'm assumig GNU/GPL2+ unless notified otherwise by copyright holder(s)
# Usage: copy this file to /usr/sbin/ set ownership to asterisk:asterisk and make it executable.
# In the [general] section of /etc/asterisk/voicemail.conf set mailcmd=/usr/sbin/sendmail-bluemix
# This script also uses dos2unix, ensure it is executable by the asterisk user (chmod 777)
# Specify your IBM Bluemix API key and URL on the lines noted below
# Version History:
# 2017-09-17 Initial commit by lgaetz, working but unpolished
# 2017-09-18 Original attachment added to email
# 2017-09-18 fixed problem with email without attachments
# 2020-04-16 COVID-19 edition - updated to use API key using method from github user @jtsage
# Specify IBM Bluemix API credentials
# follow instructions here to get key and url
# key is long string separated by underscore(s). API_OPTS assumes US english, but there are many other language options available
# see full API reference at:
# set PATH
# save the current directory
pushd .
# create a temporary directory and cd to it
TMPDIR=$(mktemp -d)
# dump the stream to a temporary file
cat >>
# get the boundary
BOUNDARY=$(grep "boundary=" | cut -d'"' -f 2)
# if mail has no boundaries, assume no attachment
if [ "$BOUNDARY" = "" ]
# send the original stream
# cut the original stream into parts
# stream.part - header before the boundary
# stream.part1 - header after the bounday
# stream.part2 - body of the message
# stream.part3 - attachment in base64 (WAV file)
# stream.part4 - footer of the message
awk '/'$BOUNDARY'/{i++}{print > "stream.part"i}'
# cut the attachment into parts
# stream.part3.head - header of attachment
# stream.part3.wav.base64 - wav file of attachment (encoded base64)
sed '7,$d' stream.part3 > stream.part3.wav.head
sed '1,6d' stream.part3 > stream.part3.wav.base64
# convert the base64 file to a wav file
dos2unix -o stream.part3.wav.base64
base64 -di stream.part3.wav.base64 > stream.part3.wav
# Send WAV to Watson Speech to Text API. Must use "Narrowband" (aka 8k) model since WAV is 8k sample
# Send WAV to Watson Speech to Text API. Must use "Narrowband" (aka 8k) model since WAV is 8k sample
curl -s $CURL_OPTS -k -u "apikey:$API_KEY" -X POST \
--limit-rate 40000 \
--header "Content-Type: audio/wav" \
--data-binary @stream.part3.wav \
"$API_URL$API_OPTS" 1>audio.txt
# Extract transcript results from JSON response
TRANSCRIPT=`cat audio.txt | grep transcript | sed 's#^.*"transcript": "##g' | sed 's# "$##g'`
# generate first part of mail body, converting it to LF only
mv stream.part
cat stream.part1 >>
sed '$d' < stream.part2 >>
# beginning of transcription section
echo "--- Automated transcription result ---" >>
# append result of transcription
echo "$TRANSCRIPT" >>
# end of message body
tail -1 stream.part2 >>
# add orig attachment
cat stream.part3 >>
# append end of mail body, converting it to LF only
echo "" >> stream.tmp
echo "" >> stream.tmp
cat stream.part4 >> stream.tmp
dos2unix -o stream.tmp
cat stream.tmp >>
# send the mail thru sendmail
cat | sendmail -t
# go back to original directory
# remove all temporary files and temporary directory
rm -Rf $TMPDIR
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allison0505 commented Feb 14, 2019

I have found this to be an awesome tool, but IBM Watson changed its authentication and I wanted to post somewhere - since this took time to figure out - as to how to modify this code to work with the new authentication.

On line 73, Rather than using
change it to this:
curl -s $CURL_OPTS -k -u "apikey:{API KEY}" -X POST \

Your API key is accessible from the Bluemix Console Dashboard.

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tony722 commented Feb 27, 2019

I modified this script to work with Google Cloud Speech API, and also convert the attachment to mp3 in the process:

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jtsage commented Mar 21, 2020

Following the link above, and pulling in the original for MP3 conversion as well:

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lgaetz commented Aug 3, 2020

TODO: difficult to debug at present, need to log everything to /var/log/asterisk/freepbx.log

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Recently IBM sent email that with the subject:
"URGENT ACTION REQUIRED: endpoint change" after February 12, 2021.

I simply added new script, created credentials, copied them and all the answers were there. I swapped Mail command in Voicemail settings in Freepbx.

Worked like a charm! Thank you so much.

Good luck.

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atoporovsky commented Jan 18, 2021

Previously had VM to MP3 working fine -- so decided to try and upgrade to transcription
I followed the instructions and updated the script (as per jtsag) as well as the mailcmd

Issue is that when I receive an email -- VM is attached as MP3 -- however at the bottom I just see --- Automated transcription result ------ but no actual transcription of the message?

Can you help me please


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jtsage commented Jan 21, 2021

TODO: difficult to debug at present, need to log everything to /var/log/asterisk/freepbx.log

Because I've not done it in ages, does anybody have a quick howto on dumping shell output to the appropriate log channel for this to happen? Working with @atoporovsky to address his issue, I'd like to hit it in one go.

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edlentz commented Dec 20, 2021

Not having any luck getting this to work. Can I setup a log file to see what is wrong?

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lacesout commented Feb 9, 2022

@edlentz, did you ever get anywhere with this? I used @jtsage's sendmail.asterisk which includes an IBM error log with each voicemail. I've not been able to solve the 500 errors that are occurring, however.

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lgaetz commented Mar 15, 2022

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jtsage commented Mar 15, 2022

Haha. good timing, I too just got the annoucement from watson.

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lgaetz commented Jun 16, 2022

Many STT models being deprecated 2022-09-15 including "en-US_NarrowbandModel" which this script currently relies on. Needs to be updated, further reading here.

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realtoft123 commented Sep 13, 2022

Just change the API_OPTS="/v1/recognize?model=en-US_NarrowbandModel" line to API_OPTS="/v1/recognize?model=en-US_Telephony", and it works fine.
See here:
Also for the non-English users, here is a list of speech models:

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