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lynn / freqlist-2019-02.txt
Last active Mar 5, 2019
frequency list for Toaq, with translations
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da illocution: assertive illocution
ji predicate: ‘me’; ___ is me / the speaker.
bu predicate: ‘not’; ___ is not the case / is false; ___ does not satisfy property ___.
mi predicatizer: ‘those.named’; turns following phrase X into predicate: ___ is/are the one(s) called X.
moq illocution: ‘?’; interrogative illocution
ka illocution: ‘hereby’; performative illocution
bi particle: ‘:’; terminates prenex
rai predicate: ‘something’; ___ is something.
suq predicate: ___ is you / the listener.
sa quantifier: ‘some’; existential quantifier
lynn / Turing.hs
Last active Apr 15, 2017 — forked from nandor/Turing.hs
Haskell Turing Machine
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import Data.Map(Map, fromList, lookup, union)
import Control.Monad(msum)
fromMay d = (!!0) . foldr (:) [d]
mapIns :: (Ord k) => k -> a -> Map k a -> Map k a
mapIns k a = union (fromList [(k, a)])
-- | A TM to add 1 to a binary natural.
incr :: (Int, [Int], [(Int, Int, Char, Char, Int)])