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Raspbian 2018-10-29 Headless Setup

Setup your RPI without a HDMI display and/or using WIFI

For this guide I'm going to be using Raspbian Stretch 2018-10-09 (98444134e), however it should be the same for full Raspbian.

Where needed I have tried to include both Windows and Linux instructions (I currently run Linux), the Linux instructions should be the same for OSX with some tweaks.

Disclaimer: I am no way responsible for any data loss or problems you occur, proceed at your own risk. Feel free to drop a comment below if you encounter any problems.

Installing Raspbian to the SD card

View vfio-notes.txt
keyboard + mouse into board
kv swich with dac. 2 usb output + power plugged in
rx 480 -> displayport
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Setup LibreOffice Online (Log/Guide) [WIP]


This guide/log is based off my experience attempting to build and install LibreOffice Online and it's dependencies on my system.

The end goal is to get LibreOffice Online integrated with Karoshi Server.

LibreOffice Online is still in development (17/06/16).