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Created September 29, 2016 16:45
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export default Component.extend({
fooValue: 0,
looper: task(function * () {
while(true) {
yield timeout(500, "x-foo#looper-tick");
test('x-foo', function(assert) => {
return waitForTimer("x-foo#looper-tick").then((timer) => {
assert.equal(find('.fooValue').text(), 0);
}).then(() => {
assert.equal(find('.fooValue').text(), 1);
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morhook commented Jan 12, 2018

I think another possible approach might be with bending-time solutions. Kind of with a special mode where the concurrency tasks can be controlled with a fake-timer, but the internal ember loop-timers can be executed to run correctly the visit, click, etc.

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Considering your example, could I use async/await?

test('x-foo', async function(assert) => {

  let timer = await waitForTimer("x-foo#looper-tick");

  assert.equal(find('.fooValue').text(), 0);
  assert.equal(find('.fooValue').text(), 1);

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sukima commented Apr 6, 2022

Adding to the thread. the following worked for me. Caveat: I used sinon.useFakeTimers during unit/integration testing and left as is during acceptance tests.

// Alternative to ember-concurrency's timeout which does not register test
// waiters (settled). Use this for polling tasks to avoid hung acceptance tests
const optOutSettledTimeout = (delay) => new Promise((r) => setTimeout(r, delay));
hooks.beforeEach(function () {
  this.clock = sinon.useFakeTimers();

hooks.afterEach(function () {

test('…', async function (assert) {
  await this.clock.nextAsync();

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