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<%- require_css "active_scaffold/default/stylesheet" -%>
<div class="active-scaffold">
<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
<%- list_columns.each do |p| -%>
<th><%= column_header(p) %></th>
<%- end -%>
<th colspan="3">Actions</th>
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module Inspector
def self.root
File.join Merb.root, "inspector"
module HtmlInspectors
def self.lookup(object)
inspectors = {
DataMapper::Collection => DataMapperCollectionInspector,
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# app/controllers/top.rb
class Top < Application
def index
partial "/tmp/index"
merb : worker (port 4001) ~ undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass - (NoMethodError)
/usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/merb-core- `partial'
/data/home/maiha/merb/merbonrails-merb/app/controllers/top.rb:3:in `index'
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% merb -i
Loading init file from /data/home/maiha/merb/107/config/init.rb
Loading /data/home/maiha/merb/107/config/environments/development.rb
~ Connecting to database...
~ Loaded slice 'MerbAuthSlicePassword' ...
~ Parent pid: 13357
~ Compiling routes...
~ Activating slice 'MerbAuthSlicePassword' ...
~ Couldn't load Webrat, so some features, like `visit' will not be available. Please install webrat if you want these features.
/usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/merb-core-1.0.7/lib/merb-core/test/test_ext/rspec.rb:48: uninitialized constant Webrat::Methods (NameError)
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mloc_language_code: ja
right: 右
left: 左
View gist:45657
0:<%= t :right %><br>
1:<%= t :right, :language=>"ja" %><br>
2:<%= translate :right, :language=>"ja" %><br>
these are all same results
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diff --git a/merb-core/lib/merb-core/rack/stream_wrapper.rb b/merb-core/lib/merb-core/rack/stream_wrapper.rb
index d11a141..ec6ce2c 100644
--- a/merb-core/lib/merb-core/rack/stream_wrapper.rb
+++ b/merb-core/lib/merb-core/rack/stream_wrapper.rb
@@ -14,8 +14,10 @@ module Merb
elsif @body.is_a?(String)
- else
+ elsif @body.respond_to?(:each)
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% merb -i
Loading init file from /data/apps/weborder_for_merb1/config/init.rb
Loading /data/apps/weborder_for_merb1/config/environments/development.rb ~ Connecting to database...
~ Loaded slice 'MerbAuthSlicePassword' ...
~ Parent pid: 18262 ~ (0.000902) SET backslash_quote = off
~ (0.000384) SET standard_conforming_strings = on
~ (0.012775) SELECT column_name FROM "information_schema"."key_column_usage" WHERE table_schema = curre
nt_schema() AND table_name = 'orders'
~ (0.014275) SELECT column_name, column_default, is_nullable, character_maximum_length, udt_name FROM "
information_schema"."columns" WHERE table_schema = current_schema() AND table_name = 'orders'
View init.rb to use cache in Merb1.0.8
dependency "merb-cache" do
Merb::Cache.setup do
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class Monster
include DataMapper::YunkerStar
url ""
thead "table.style_table thead tr"
tbody "table.style_table tbody tr"
irb(main):001:0> Monster.count
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