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Rich text / HTML editors and frameworks

Strictly Frameworks

Abstracted Editors

These use separate document structures instead of HTML, some are more modular libraries than full editors

  • ProseMirror - - supports collaborative editing, offers similar options to Mobiledoc for data structure
  • Lexical - - extensible editor library from Facebook replacing Draft
  • Quill - - modern editor built for compatibility and extensibility
  • Trix - - by Basecamp team used in v3
  • CKEditor 5 - - long history, very customizable, new architecture with built-in collaboration
  • Editor.js - - block-based editor
  • TipTap - - headless, framework-agnostic, extendable editor based on ProseMirror
  • Etherpad - - collaborative realtime editing framework, backend, and editor
  • Draft - - rich text editor framework for React
  • Slate - - customizable framework for building rich text editors inspired by Draft, ProseMirror, Quill
  • Plate - - plugin framework for building rich text editors with slate.
  • Verbum - - flexible text editor based on Lexical framework

Dom-Based Editors

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tingletech commented Apr 12, 2018

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GoNode5 commented Apr 13, 2018

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Reinmar commented Jan 28, 2019

Hi! Thanks for including CKEditor 5, but there's actually a mistake regarding its architecture.

CKEditor 5 (

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androb commented Jun 2, 2019

Thanks for including TinyMCE! V5 is out now and has a completely rewritten UI using the best parts of You can probably merge these two entries now :)

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Thanks for doing this list! It is great. It would be great to add a column saying whether they are open-source (MIT / BSD) etc because we've realised to use so of these editors in our commercial SaaS application, we would need to buy a licence - and some of those are quite pricey!

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Tiptap moved to ✌️

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