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mansouryaacoubi / index.js
Created August 10, 2023 19:09
FDDB Register Weight Data from already existing data like Excel or CSV
// Use CSRFTOKEN for your current session
// Copy this whole code into the developer console of your FDDB Browser Tab
const CSRFTOKEN = "871432";
async function createWeight(date, weight, bfp) {
var day = date.getDate().toString();
var month = (date.getMonth()+1).toString();
var year = date.getFullYear().toString();
mansouryaacoubi /
Created July 29, 2023 05:45
Angular vscode Debugging Configuration

Angular vscode Debugging Configuration

Here you'll find the launch.json and tasks.json that you can paste into your .vscode folder of your project.

Don't forget to change values specific to your project like url and webRoot in the launch.json and the options.cwd in the tasks.json file.

After adding these files to your project it should suffice to press F5 to start building and debugging your Angular project.

Have fun!

mansouryaacoubi /
Created July 13, 2023 14:57
LSC Smart Connect Cameras ONVIF RTSP MPEG URLs

LSC Smart Connect Rotatable Camera

Reachable ports:

  • 554
  • 6668
  • 7788
  • 8000
mansouryaacoubi / sa.m3u8
Last active January 31, 2023 15:01
Mekka Quran Free IPTV
#EXTINF:0 tvg-country="undefined" tvg-logo="" group-title="Islam",Al Quran Al Kareem (Mecca), Quran
mansouryaacoubi /
Last active March 25, 2024 03:12
Duck DNS DNS Settings

Guide How To use custom domain with Duck DNS: home-assistant/addons#1331 (comment)

Let us imagine the following:

You have a domain and you have the domain and want to access your home assistant via

Short Guide

  1. Set CNAME records for your domain: *.home and home pointing to
  2. Install or Reinstall the DuckDNS Addon on your home assistant instance.
  3. Set your addon config and leave out your alias for this step
mansouryaacoubi / saveAndPrint.vbs
Created June 2, 2020 14:30
Save and Print Excel Data for BCP
' Author: Mansour Yaacoubi
' Timestamp: 2020-06-02 13:00 UTC+0
' Summary: This script deals with the
' document of the BCP and automates
' tasks for the employees
' Responsible: Mohammed Ngadi
Sub Button1_Click()
' TODO: Check previously if empty before printing
mansouryaacoubi /
Last active January 10, 2022 14:24
Duden Grammar-Check using unofficial Mentor-API (Grammatik, Rechtschreibung)
curl '' -H 'content-type: application/json' --data-binary '{"text":"Bitte geben Sie die nächste zu zuweisende sendung ein."}' --compressed
mansouryaacoubi /
Last active February 4, 2019 16:03
Laravel 5.5 + React + Bootstrap 4
composer create-project laravel/laravel="5.5.*" tasksman
cd tasksman
php artisan preset react
mansouryaacoubi /
Created January 30, 2019 17:35
Login into server via ssh without server

First create private-public key pairs

ssh-keygen -t rsa

Then create .ssh directory on remote computer

ssh mkdir -p .ssh