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mardix /
Created Sep 16, 2020 — forked from jedp/ - redis autocompleter
A redis autocomplete example for multi-word phrases.
Based on:
Ruby original:
Python original:
See options below for usage
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Install Dokku
# must have dokku as username
git remote add dokku
# Edit Procfile
# Push
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Remove culprit server
ssh-keygen -R remote-server-name-here
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# To release pypi package
alias pypi-publish='python register -r pypi && python -m twine upload dist/*'
mardix / relift-example-stars-wars-simple.html
Last active Apr 21, 2019
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<div class="row">
<div class="column" id="starWarsWidget">
<div class="center">
<span r-if="(this.loadingStatus === 'pending')">
<div class="spinner">Loading...</div>
<h4 r-else>Welcome to Star Wars</h4>
mardix / relift-example-todo.html
Last active Apr 19, 2019
View relift-example-todo.html
<div class="column" id="todoAppWidget" style="display:none">
<div class="center">
<div>Enter your item</div>
<input type="text" id="todo-input" />
<button @click="add">Save</button>
<li r-for="item,i in this.todos">
mardix / relift-example-counter.html
Last active Apr 19, 2019
View relift-example-counter.html
<div class="column center" id="counterWidget">
<button @click="down" class="button-outline">DOWN</button>
<button @click="up" class="button-outline">UP</button>
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## Create virtualenv
> mkvirtualenv $name
> workon $name
## Develop
To install
> python develop
View generateTemplateString.js
* Produces a function which uses template strings to do simple interpolation from objects.
* Usage:
* var makeMeKing = generateTemplateString('${name} is now the king of ${country}!');
* console.log(makeMeKing({ name: 'Bryan', country: 'Scotland'}));
* // Logs 'Bryan is now the king of Scotland!'
var generateTemplateString = (function(){
mardix / DOMClass.js
Created Dec 8, 2018 — forked from Maksims/DOMClass.js
HTMLElement extension to add, remove, toggle, detect Classes.
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HTMLElement = typeof(HTMLElement) != 'undefiend' ? HTMLElement : Element;
HTMLElement.prototype.addClass = function(string) {
if (!(string instanceof Array)) {
string = string.split(' ');
for(var i = 0, len = string.length; i < len; ++i) {
if (string[i] && !new RegExp('(\\s+|^)' + string[i] + '(\\s+|$)').test(this.className)) {
this.className = this.className.trim() + ' ' + string[i];
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