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mariovisic / battleship.rb
Last active Apr 18, 2018
Battleship game from the study group
View battleship.rb
class Game
attr_reader :player_one, :player_two, :board_one
def initialize(name_one, name_two)
@player_one =
@player_two =
@board_one =
View ruby_2_3_open_struct.rb
class Ruby23OpenStructPatched
# :nodoc:
class << self
alias allocate new
# Creates a new OpenStruct object. By default, the resulting OpenStruct
# object will have no attributes.
mariovisic / ruby_web_app_benchmark
Created May 23, 2014
Simple ruby web app benchmarking tool
View ruby_web_app_benchmark
#!/usr/bin/env sh
while [ 1 ]
time=$(curl -s -I $website | Grep Runtime | awk '{ print $2}')
printf "\rApp response: %.0fms " $(echo "$time * 1000" | tr -d $'\r' | bc)
sleep 0.25
mariovisic / postgres_rails_check.rb
Last active Dec 23, 2015
Postgres rails bug testing
View postgres_rails_check.rb
model = User # For the test we just need any active record model that has a created_at timestamp.
puts %{
Bug present?: #{model.where('created_at > ?', model.last.created_at).any?}
Raw SQL: #{ActiveRecord::Base.connection.execute(model.where('created_at > ?',['created_at']}
AR Timestamp: #{model.last.created_at.to_f}
Rails: #{Rails.version}
mariovisic / timezone_convert.sql
Created Jul 22, 2013
Rails + PostgreSQL: Converting created at date's in the database to Melbourne time.
View timezone_convert.sql
-- Rails doesn't actually store timestamps in the database as UTC, it actually
-- stores them without any timezone information in the database (but in UTC
-- time). Which means that to convert a timestamp to another timezone we
-- first need to cast the timestamp to a timestamp that's in UTC and then
-- convert to the timezone we actually want. Melbourne in this case.
TO_CHAR(((created_at AT TIME ZONE 'UTC') AT TIME ZONE 'Australia/Melbourne')::date, 'YYYY-MM-DD') AS "Day",
FROM jobs
mariovisic / microlancer_wbench.txt
Created May 20, 2013
wbench test for after async loading web fonts.
View microlancer_wbench.txt
At Mon May 20 17:52:07 2013
10 loops
Fastest Median Slowest Std Dev
Server performance:
Total application time 71ms 115ms 482ms 121ms
Host latency:
View thred_hang.rb
t = do
pid = fork { raise 'nope' }
mariovisic / example.bash
Last active Dec 15, 2015
Heroku toolbelt in a project with the heroku CLI gem
View example.bash
mario:~/Work/microlancer (master) $ heroku --version
heroku-toolbelt/2.36.1 (x86_64-darwin12.2.0) ruby/2.0.0
mario:~/Work/microlancer (master) $ gem list | grep heroku
heroku-api (0.3.9)
# Login says it was successful but then I cannot run commands
mario:~/Work/microlancer (master) $ heroku login
Authentication successful.
mariovisic / factory_girl.rb
Created Mar 22, 2013
Do not allow Factory Girl usage in unit tests.
View factory_girl.rb
# spec/support/factory_girl.rb
# This file is here to limit the use of factories to only integration tests and not unit tests.
# If you really want to use a factory you can add the tag :factories to a test
module FactoryGirlBlocker
mattr_accessor :disabled
def self.with_disabled
self.disabled = true
View session_store.rb
SSOServer::Application.config.session_store :active_record_store
ActiveRecord::SessionStore.session_class = UserSessionStore
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