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Insanely complete Ansible playbook, showing off all the options
This playbook has been removed as it is now very outdated.
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ghost commented Mar 14, 2016

I know this is out of date... but I'm going to say it anyways as an FYI-- in Line 433 you can no longer include handlers as of Ansible 2.0

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This would be really cool to evolve and keep up to date to showcase a detailed changelog.

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shiplu commented Apr 12, 2016

Great Playbook. A lot of things are clear to me now.

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gretel commented May 4, 2016

should be part of the core documentation. thanks!

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SayBeano commented May 23, 2016


edit: And thanks, @marktheunissen!

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henryxn commented May 26, 2016

In term of using variable in hosts attribute (line 58)

hosts: $groups -- apply to all hosts specified in the variable $groups

hosts : group # No $

$ ansible-playbook playbook1.yml -e "group=myservers"
$ ansible-playbook playbook1.yml --extra-vars="target=myservers"

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akofink commented Jul 26, 2016

sudo: true is deprecated in favor of become: true


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which editor u use for yaml?

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@antoniopinarella you can use any text editor. I use vim for .yml and it works fine.
(Probably you found it out. However for new people searches. )

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flamein commented Mar 9, 2018

Can we please bury this Gist? it keeps showing up as clickbait in search engines while the syntax is horribly outdated.

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dataf3l commented Sep 25, 2019

I love this, please include "become"

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I have made a fork and updated some of the content that has been deprecated.

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