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Working remotely

Mauricio mauricionr

Working remotely
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# redis
docker run --name redis -d -p 6379:6379 --restart unless-stopped redis
# mysql
docker run --name mysql -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=root -d -p 3306:3306 --restart unless-stopped mysql:5.6
# mongo
docker run -d -p 27017:27017 -p 28017:28017 -e MONGODB_PASS="docker" tutum/mongodb
# postgres
mauricionr /
Created May 29, 2019 — forked from ankurk91/
Git credential cache, why type password again and again

Git tip: Tired of entering password again and again ?

Run this command to remember your password:

git config --global credential.helper 'cache --timeout 28800'

Above command will tell git to cache your password for 8 hours.

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"items":[{"name":"Banner", "img": ""}]
#!/usr/bin/env python
# python ./ -w -s {{POD_PREFIX}}
import sys
import os
import re
import time
import json
import argparse
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function gitup(){
local branch=$(git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD)
if [ $branch == "master" ]; then
echo "On master do nothing"
echo "Current branch $branch"
git add .
git commit -m "$1"
git push origin $branch
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mauricionr /
Created Jan 11, 2018 — forked from ziadoz/
Install Chrome, ChromeDriver and Selenium on Ubuntu 16.04
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Versions
mauricionr /
Created Sep 14, 2017 — forked from jimmyislive/
Redis Elasticache Export
from optparse import OptionParser
import sys
import redis
__author__ = 'Jimmy John'
__doc__ = '''
This is a script to make a copy of a redis db. Mainly to be used for cloning AWS Elasticache
instancces. Elasticache seems to disable the SAVE/BGSAVE commands and you do not have access to
the physical redis instances. The UI allows you to create 'Snapshots', but no way to download
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* Generates a client ID in the format historically used by the Google Analytics
* JavaScript libraries. Note that any alphanumeric value may be used, but
* ideally each should be unique to a given client.
* More information on Client IDs:
function generateGaClientId() {
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Adyen Test Card Numbers
These cards are only valid on our TEST system and they will never involve any actual transaction or transfer of funds. The TEST card numbers will not work on the Adyen LIVE Platform.
For all cards use the following expiration and CVV2/CVC2/or CID for Amex.
For all cards:
Expiration Dates CVV2 / CVC3 CID (American Express)
08/2018 OR 10/2020 737 7373