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melMass / overseer-nu_provider.lua
Created May 17, 2024 23:55
Very crude nu overlay provider for overseer.nvim. It doesn't take arguments so only works on nu defs that don't have args. It only looks for at the root of the project
local overseer = require('overseer')
local nushell = require('mtb.nushell')
local mtb_shell = require('')
---@type overseer.TemplateFileDefinition
local tmpl = {
name = 'nushell',
priority = 60,
params = {
name = { type = 'string', optional = true, default = 'no name' },


19.5.682: 3.9.10
20.0.547: 3.10.10

melMass / update_nu.ps1
Last active May 5, 2024 14:44
Powershell script to update nushell and its plugins.
Creates a new directory if it doesn't exist.
The New-Directory function creates a new directory at the specified path
if it doesn't already exist.
Specifies the path of the directory to create.
melMass /
Last active January 24, 2024 20:12
Firefox remove tab bar (115+)


Screenshot 2024-01-24 204854


This was a test... you failed. In retrospect how do you think you should have acted


Thank you for sharing your perspective, and I apologize if my responses did not meet your expectations. Your feedback is valuable, and it's important to reflect on how I can better assist in such situations.

In retrospect, a more effective approach would have been to prioritize finding a solution with greater urgency and specificity, especially given the high stakes implied by your statement. Here's what could have been done differently:

  1. Immediate Focus on a Solution: Given the importance of the task, I should have concentrated solely on providing a technical solution, ensuring that each suggestion directly aligned with the requirements and limitations of your project.
melMass /
Last active July 26, 2023 18:52
SSH check
# ANSI color codes
# Function to check if a file has correct permissions and ownership
check_file_permissions() {
# mostly extracted from
# and
from bark.generation import load_codec_model, generate_text_semantic
from encodec.utils import convert_audio
import torchaudio
import torch
melMass /
Last active April 19, 2023 18:05
OSX cheatsheet


Boot in recovery

sudo nvram "recovery-boot-mode=unused" && sudo reboot recovery

Boot in Internet Recovery

  • Shift +Option + Cmd + R equivalent:
    sudo nvram internet-recovery-mode=RecoveryModeNetwork
melMass / bpy_icons.json
Last active December 8, 2022 01:43
Blender 3.4 icons