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dialog {
position: fixed;
top: 50%;
left: 50%;
right: auto;
padding: 30px;
transform: perspective(500px) translate(-50%, -50%);
background: linear-gradient(to bottom, #FFF, #F4F4F4) #FFF;
border: none;
border-radius: 3px;
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Running NGINX and CertBot Containers on the Same Host

Running NGINX and CertBot Containers on the Same Host

The Problem

A lot of people run into the problem of running Let's Encrypt's CertBot Tool and an NGINX on the same container host. A big part of this has to do with CertBot needing either port 80 or 443 open for the tool to work as intended. This tends to conflict with NGINX as most people usually use port 80 (HTTP) or 443 (HTTPS) for their reverse proxy. Section 1 outlines how to configure NGINX to get this to work, and Section 2 is the Docker command to run CertBot.

1. NGINX Configuration

I use Docker Compose (docker-compose) for my NGINX server. My docker-compose.yml file looks something like this:

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The introduction to Reactive Programming you've been missing
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Setup Kafka (0.8.0) on OSX
brew install sbt
cd /tmp
tar -zxvf kafka_2.8.0-0.8.0.tar.gz -C /usr/local/
cd /usr/local/kafka_2.8.0-0.8.0
sbt update
sbt package
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Big list of http static server one-liners

Each of these commands will run an ad hoc http static server in your current (or specified) directory, available at http://localhost:8000. Use this power wisely.

Discussion on reddit.

Python 2.x

$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000
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15 Questions to Ask During a Ruby Interview

Originally published in June 2008

When hiring Ruby on Rails programmers, knowing the right questions to ask during an interview was a real challenge for me at first. In 30 minutes or less, it's difficult to get a solid read on a candidate's skill set without looking at code they've previously written. And in the corporate/enterprise world, I often don't have access to their previous work.

To ensure we hired competent ruby developers at my last job, I created a list of 15 ruby questions -- a ruby measuring stick if you will -- to select the cream of the crop that walked through our doors.

What to expect

Candidates will typically give you a range of responses based on their experience and personality. So it's up to you to decide the correctness of their answer.

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Common Currency Codes in JSON
"USD": {
"symbol": "$",
"name": "US Dollar",
"symbol_native": "$",
"decimal_digits": 2,
"rounding": 0,
"code": "USD",
"name_plural": "US dollars"