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AWS ELB-related annotations for Kubernetes Services (v1.5)

AWS Service annotations

  • (in minutes)
  • (true|false)
  • (http|https|ssl|tcp)
  • (true|false)
  • (in seconds)
  • (in seconds, default 60)
  • (true|false)
  • ''
  • '*'
  • (IAM or ACM ARN)
  • (default '*')

KIVagant commented May 17, 2017

dod38fr commented May 29, 2017

Thanks for the list.

aws-load-balancer-internal annotation value is only used as a boolean. Why is shown as a default value ?

tuannvm commented Oct 17, 2017

To add additional tags for ELB, reference:

Do you know how I can do ssl termination? I e. if is set to https, then the "Load Balancer Protocol" and the "Instance Protocol" are both set to https. I would like the "Instance Protocol" to remain http.

TommyO commented Nov 16, 2017

@srossross-tableau is for the Instance protocol. The 2 ssl annotations are for the load balancer settings. What you want looks something like this: "arn:aws:acm:...." "*" "http"

downneck commented Jan 5, 2018

@srossross-tableau @TommyO "*" will terminate ssl on all ports. if your LB is going to be serving any ports without ssl termination (http, ssh, etc.) you want aws-load-balancer-ssl-ports to list only the ports that will terminate ssl (eg. 443)

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