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I hereby claim:

  • I am michaelfolkson on github.
  • I am michaelfolkson ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key ASDjm1coo1t6oiauPRS6fQhNO6lmXu7ROUDrISg1YQH52Ao

To claim this, I am signing this object:

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If you have an opinion on ST (Speedy Trial) proposal please ACK/NACK this so we can log the level of support for this proposal
Details of the proposal are here:
edit (April 14th 2021)
Jeremy Rubin has asked me to add the following:
"[bitcoin/bips#1104]( has been proposed (and implemented via
[bitcoin/bitcoin#21377]( as a concrete interpretation of @harding's original
proposal. Feel free to re-ACK on the BIP PR (and in the core PR if you feel qualified to review) if this plan matches your
michaelfolkson /
Last active July 21, 2021 13:57
Reading list for London Bitcoin Devs Socratic on Taproot
View 2021-09-14-bips-meeting-log
[00:00:19] <michaelfolkson> #startmeeting
[00:00:45] <michaelfolkson> Ok... BIP process meeting. Feel free to say hi (even if you just plan to lurk)
[00:00:50] <harding> Hi
[00:00:52] <Alexandre_Chery> Hi.
[00:01:07] <michaelfolkson> I'll post some links for context
[00:01:16] <luke-jr> hi
[00:01:29] <prayank> hi
[00:02:14] <michaelfolkson> This is the current BIP process
[00:02:36] <kallewoof> Hi
[00:02:36] <michaelfolkson> Kalle has suggested a revision in the past
View 2021-09-29-bips-meeting-log
[00:00:27] <michaelfolkson> #startmeeting
[00:01:08] <michaelfolkson> Feel free to say hi if you will participate (or just watching, fine too)
[00:01:16] <rgrant> hi
[00:01:21] <Alexandre_Chery> Hi.
[00:01:23] <ChristopherA> Hello!
[00:01:31] <prayank> hi
[00:02:13] <michaelfolkson> So a summary of the first meeting is here:
[00:02:47] <michaelfolkson> Is there anything in particular you'd like to discuss? I have a couple of items I'd like to cover
[00:03:39] <michaelfolkson> If no, we can get started with BIP extensions
[00:03:44] <ChristopherA> I had a few minor items for agenda.
View bip-119-premature-activation-concerns
Collect together concerns (alphabetical order by name) made public about premature BIP 119 activation speculation in
Adam Back: <>
AJ Towns: <>
alpacasw: <>
andhans_jail: <>