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Miguel de Icaza migueldeicaza

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nicerobot /
Created Dec 7, 2011
Convert Google Chrome sqlite Cookies into cookies.txt. Useful for utilities like curl.
sqlite3 -separator ' ' ${COOKIES:-Cookies} \
'select host_key, "TRUE", path, "FALSE", expires_utc, name, value from cookies'

eager sweep, non-conc

world stop
value  ------------- Distribution ------------- count    
   64 |                                         0        
  128 |@                                        1        
  256 |                                         0        
  512 |                                         0        
 1024 |                                         0        
moebio / gist:5601071
Last active Dec 17, 2015
list of references of my talk at
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Clancey / BrightlyBlurredUIView
Last active Dec 24, 2015
A brightly colored iOS 7 UIBlurView
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using System;
using MonoTouch.UIKit;
using MonoTouch.CoreAnimation;
public class BrightlyBlurredUIView: UIView
CALayer blurLayer,accentLayer;
UIView accentView;
UIToolbar toolbar;
public BrightlyBlurredUIView()
View ForceCanonicalPathAndQuery_mono.cs
using System;
using System.Net;
using System.Reflection;
namespace UriTest
//a mono version of the ForceCanonicalPathAndQuery code here:
class Program
static void Main(string[] args)
munificent / gist:9749671
Last active Oct 20, 2020
You appear to be creating a new IDE...
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You appear to be advocating a new:
[ ] cloud-hosted [ ] locally installable [ ] web-based [ ] browser-based [ ] language-agnostic
[ ] language-specific IDE. Your IDE will not succeed. Here is why it will not succeed.
You appear to believe that:
[ ] Syntax highlighting is what makes programming difficult
[ ] Garbage collection is free
[ ] Computers have infinite memory
[ ] Nobody really needs:
praeclarum / EasyLayout.fs
Last active Aug 23, 2020
EasyLayout makes writing auto layout code in Xamarin.iOS F# easier.
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module EasyLayout
open System
open System.Drawing
open Microsoft.FSharp.Quotations
open Microsoft.FSharp.Quotations.Patterns
open Microsoft.FSharp.Quotations.DerivedPatterns
open MonoTouch.Foundation
open MonoTouch.UIKit
joeduffy / tear.go
Created Jul 17, 2015
Breaking Go memory safety by violating concurrency safety.
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// tear.go
// A simple demonstration of breaking Go memory safety by violating concurrency
// safety. We alias a shared slice variable -- which is a multi-word variable --
// and then reads/write that shared variable in parallel between Goroutines.
// If "torn slice: ..." is printed, something VeryBad(tm) has occurred...
package main
import (
joeduffy / teariface.go
Created Jul 18, 2015
Breaking Go memory safety by violating concurrency safety (#2: interfaces).
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// teariface.go
// A simple demonstration of breaking Go memory safety by violating concurrency
// safety. We alias an interface variable which is of course multiple words;
// the net result is the itable pointer and target object pointer end up
// mismatched, triggering undefined behavior (wrong results, AVs, etc).
package main
import (
View SubProcess.swift
import Darwin.C
import Venice
struct SubProcess {
let path: String
let arguments: [String]
func run(sync sync: Bool = true) -> Int? {