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Created September 17, 2013 18:32
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Using raw functionality in a Sails.js controller
module.exports = {
* Using raw functionality from a Sails.js controller
index: function (req,res) {
var socket = req.socket;
var io =;
// emit to all sockets (aka publish)
// including yourself
io.sockets.emit('messageName', {thisIs: 'theMessage'});
// broadcast to a room (aka publish)
// excluding yourself, if you're in it'roomName').emit('messageName', {thisIs: 'theMessage'});
// emit to a room (aka publish)
// including yourself'roomName').emit('messageName', {thisIs: 'theMessage'});
// Join a room (aka subscribe)
// If you're in the room already, no problem, do nothing
// If the room doesn't exist yet, it gets created
// Leave a room (aka unsubscribe)
// If you're not in the room, no problem, do nothing
// If the room doesn't exist yet, no problem, do nothing
// Get all connected sockets in the app;
// Get all conneted sockets in the room, "roomName"'roomName');
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heads up guys- as of 0.10.x all this stuff can now be done using the sails.sockets.* methods:

Also, in v0.11 (which will be released soon) we've upgraded to v1.0, which changes some of the underlying usage in the gist above. Fortunately, if you use the sails.sockets.* wrapper methods, you won't need to change any code (I'm taking care of the mapping under the covers)

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Where's the official docs? The above link is not working anymore, @mikermcneil.

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ghost commented Feb 19, 2015

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this is awesome if someone update the video on Youtube ~~~ , the version on Youtube was still 0.9.7~

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Documentation can now be found here

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Thanks everyone for the links! We're in the middle of some major documentation improvements (particularly in relation to sockets) which will be deployed here. In the mean time, if you're interested in contributing, you can use for previewing purposes. More info on contributing to Sails docs here.

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armgit5 commented Jul 21, 2016

do you have an example on how to connect regular nodejs client, and swift or android clients to sails js socket io server also? I'd like to see if I could connect my mobile phones to get push notification from sailsjs socket io server, thank you!

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Please help me, I want to use sails socket with android. any library for android or how to use directly with sails.js

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hi guys, i implemented but have an issue, can you look at my code and help?

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how would anyone implement this in routes ?
'GET /is/it/micky': {action: 'validate-micky', isSocket: true} < in routes.js ?

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