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#!/usr/bin/env python
xlsx2tsv filename.xlsx [sheet number or name]
Parse a .xlsx (Excel OOXML, which is not OpenOffice) into tab-separated values.
If it has multiple sheets, need to give a sheet number or name.
Outputs honest-to-goodness tsv, no quoting or embedded \\n\\r\\t.
One reason I wrote this is because Mac Excel 2008 export to csv or tsv messes
up encodings, converting everything to something that's not utf8 (macroman
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SHELL = /bin/bash
for fn in *png; do convert "$$fn" "$${fn%.png}.gif"; done
gifsicle --colors 16 --delay=35 --loop x_*.gif > anim.gif
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// webshare serves the current directory on port 3000.
package main
import (
func loggingHandler(h http.Handler) http.Handler {
# Greatest common divisor of more than 2 numbers. Am I terrible for doing it this way?
def gcd(*numbers):
"""Return the greatest common divisor of the given integers"""
from fractions import gcd
return reduce(gcd, numbers)
# Least common multiple is not in standard libraries? It's in gmpy, but this is simple enough:
def lcm(*numbers):