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travisbrown /
Last active Jan 7, 2022
Denver shooter Lyndon McLeod's circle on Twitter

Lyndon McLeod's circle on Twitter

On 27 December 2021, Lyndon James McLeod (a.k.a. Roman McClay) shot at least six people in Denver, killing five. McLeod had a large following among men's rights activists and the dissident right on Twitter, in part because of his book Sanction, which some of his readers interpreted as a "manifesto". McLeod also had a history of threatening to kill people on Twitter, and many of his fans have made it clear that his preoccupation with violence was what drew them to McLeod:

Chance Lunceford (30 April 2020):

> If Theodore J. Kaczynski had been a more

#!/usr/bin/env bash
## Configs ##
mountSnapshots () {
mkdir -p "/mnt/$ZFSSNAPSHOTNAME"
jberkus / gist:6b1bcaf7724dfc2a54f3
Last active Sep 14, 2022
Finding Unused Indexes
View gist:6b1bcaf7724dfc2a54f3
WITH table_scans as (
SELECT relid,
tables.idx_scan + tables.seq_scan as all_scans,
( tables.n_tup_ins + tables.n_tup_upd + tables.n_tup_del ) as writes,
pg_relation_size(relid) as table_size
FROM pg_stat_user_tables as tables
all_writes as (
SELECT sum(writes) as total_writes
FROM table_scans
drush / delayed_job_threads.rb
Last active Jul 13, 2020
Run Delayed Job Worker as a Thread in Web Process
View delayed_job_threads.rb
# Only run in server process, not console or rake tasks
if !Rails.const_defined?('Console') && !($0 =~ /rake$/) && !Rails.env.test?
Rails.application.config.after_initialize do
(1..2).each do |thread_id| {
Thread.current[:thread_name] = "DJ Web Worker Thread #{thread_id}"
ActiveRecord::Base.connection_pool.with_connection do |conn|
dj =
Rails.logger.warn "Starting #{Thread.current[:thread_name]}"
Aeon / adapters-application.js
Last active Mar 21, 2016
faye adapter for ember-data
View adapters-application.js
export default DS.FayeAdapter.extend();
mordonez /
Last active Mar 23, 2021
Trello Job for Dashing
jwalton /
Last active Apr 1, 2021
CSS3 Transitions for Dashing Dashboards

Flying Widgets adds CSS3 transitions to your dashboard, allowing you to cycle through multiple widget sets on a single TV without page reloads, using stylish CSS3 transitions. You can even still re-order your widgets and save their locations!

Note that sinatra-cyclist is a potential alternative if the machine you use to display your dashboards is lacking in graphics horsepower.

To use, put this file in assets/javascripts/ Then find this line in

    $('.gridster ul:first').gridster
jwalton /
Last active Jul 30, 2021
Rickshaw Graph is a drop in replacement for Dashing's graph

Graphing Widget

The graphing widget shows graphs using the Rickshaw graphing library. The names of data fields should be (vaguely) familiar if you've used Rickshaw before.

It's recommended that you replace the /assets/javascripts/rickshaw.min.js from your dashboard with the latest from here.

Supported HTML data fields

andmcgregor /
Last active Apr 11, 2017
Map Widget for Dashing Framework
ngs /
Created Oct 7, 2012 for Cake PHP project
require 'rack'
require 'rack-legacy'
use Rack::Legacy::Php, Dir.getwd
use Rack::Static, :urls => %w{/css /files /img /js /favicon.ico}, :root => "app/webroot"
run Dir.getwd