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Michael Nutt mnutt

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function relativeHash(newUrl);
const currentUrl = new URL(""); // or just document.location
const newPath = new URL("../blog/b", `${currentUrl.hash.slice(1)}`).pathname;
currentUrl.hash = `#${newPath}`;
mnutt / created-times.rb
Last active Apr 17, 2020
Generate CSV of file created/modified times
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# 1. Save this file to your Desktop (Cmd-S, click Desktop in the left sidebar)
# 2. Open (Cmd-space, type "terminal", hit enter)
# 3. Type this, exactly: ruby ~/Desktop/created-times.rb
# 4. You should see some output about checking directories and how many files were loaded.
# 5. A media-.......csv file will appear on your Desktop, which can be loaded with Excel
require 'time'
extensions = ["jpg", "jpeg", "mov", "heic", "mp4"]
mnutt /
Created Jun 6, 2019
Prettier project wrapper
# This wrapper prefers your project's prettier version, and only runs prettier if your project has configured it.
# Save this file as `prettier` in your $PATH, or set your editor's prettier plugin to use it as the prettier binary
# find the file prettier is trying to prettify
# optionally set where the real prettier command can be found
mnutt / before-async-await.js
Last active May 15, 2019
In-memory write-through cache with async/await
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// before async/await
cache.oldThrough(cacheKey, function getData(cb) {
fetch(appUrl, function(response) {
response.text(function(data) {
}, function (template) {

Some HTML attack vectors (not all)


  • via XHR
    • sends user's cookies
    • cross-origin restrictions protect against malicious sites, unless you have bad CORS settings
  • via form
    • sends user's cookies
    • need to protect with csrf token
    • or you can prevent form POST entirely with x-requested-with request header check
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"_class": "page",
"do_objectID": "E3FF0D84-6B60-4A08-80D9-EDDA368D2198",
"booleanOperation": -1,
"exportOptions": {
"_class": "exportOptions",
"exportFormats": [],
"includedLayerIds": [],
"layerOptions": 0,
"shouldTrim": false
mnutt /
Last active Aug 6, 2020
TreeStyleTab sidebar tabs only
mnutt /
Last active Jan 22, 2018
Only run prettier if a config file is present
# find the file prettier is trying to prettify
# optionally set where the real prettier command can be found
prettier=`which prettier`
# try to see if there is a project-specific `prettier` to use
node_modules=`npm root`
View mac-framework-includes-take-2.patch
diff --git a/Source/cmake/WebKitMacros.cmake b/Source/cmake/WebKitMacros.cmake
index 4c54c1c5de1..858e2e47d8d 100644
--- a/Source/cmake/WebKitMacros.cmake
+++ b/Source/cmake/WebKitMacros.cmake
@@ -265,6 +265,8 @@ macro(WEBKIT_FRAMEWORK _target)
+ ${${_target}_PRIVATE_HEADERS}
+ ${${_target}_PUBLIC_HEADERS}
View mac_framework_includes.patch
diff --git a/Source/WebKit/PlatformQt.cmake b/Source/WebKit/PlatformQt.cmake
index 909efc00dba..59f8f7eab45 100644
--- a/Source/WebKit/PlatformQt.cmake
+++ b/Source/WebKit/PlatformQt.cmake
@@ -410,11 +410,19 @@ generate_header("${FORWARDING_HEADERS_DIR}/QtWebKit/QtWebKitDepends"
+ set(WebKit_INCLUDE_DESTINATION "${LIB_INSTALL_DIR}/QtWebKit.framework/Versions/5/Headers")