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Morten Just mortenjust

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View Blobs.swift
// Blobs.swift
// SwiftUI Demos
// Created by Morten Just on 1/31/23.
import SwiftUI
struct Blobs: View {
View DarkMode.swift
// DarkModeMasker.swift
// SwiftUI Demos
// Created by Morten Just on 1/22/23.
import SwiftUI
import Charts
View DarkModeSwitch.swift
// DarkModeMasker.swift
// SwiftUI Demos
// Created by Morten Just on 1/22/23.
import SwiftUI
import Charts
View TwitterBluePlus.swift
import SwiftUI
// MARK: Main
struct TwitterBluePlus: View {
@State var topMenuItems : [MenuItem] = [MenuItem(title: "For you", icon: nil), MenuItem(title: "Following", icon: nil)]
@State var selectedIdx = 0
var selected : MenuItem { topMenuItems[selectedIdx] }
mortenjust / NSImage + withoutAlpha.swift
Created Jul 22, 2022
Remove alpha transparency from NSImage
View NSImage + withoutAlpha.swift
extension NSImage {
func withoutAlpha() -> NSImage? {
// based on
guard let cgImage = self.cgImage(forProposedRect: nil, context: nil, hints: nil) else { return nil }
let context = CGContext(data: nil, width: cgImage.width, height: cgImage.height, bitsPerComponent: cgImage.bitsPerComponent, bytesPerRow: cgImage.bytesPerRow, space: cgImage.colorSpace!, bitmapInfo: CGImageAlphaInfo.noneSkipLast.rawValue)!
context.draw(cgImage, in: CGRect(x: 0, y: 0, width: context.width, height: context.height))
guard let newCg = context.makeImage() else { return nil }
return NSImage(cgImage: newCg, size: .zero)
mortenjust / WeatherKit.ts
Created Jul 21, 2022
WeatherKit Typescript types
View WeatherKit.ts
export interface WeatherKit {
currentWeather: CurrentWeather;
forecastDaily: ForecastDaily;
forecastHourly: ForecastHourly;
export interface CurrentWeather {
name?: string;
metadata?: Metadata;
asOf?: Date;
View AR glasses
Company: Apple
Product: Apple AR Glasses
Short emotional tagline: The future is closer than it appears
In our lifetimes we’ve seen technology change our lives
In ways we couldn’t imagine
In the past decade alone, it’s become an extension of who we are
So when we talk about the future
We don’t just mean flying cars and robots
We mean a future where we’re not tethered to our screens
View Danish ad
Company: Danske Bank
Product: Vi låner penge ud til folk og tager renter
Short emotional tagline: Får du en god idé?
Hvad gør du, når du får en god idé?
Har du modet til at tro på den og gøre noget ved den?
Er du bange for, at andre vil tage din idé og gøre den bedre?
Eller er du bare bange for at tabe?
Så hvad gør du?
Siger du fra og sætter en stopper for din drøm?
View gist:cbae4bb40a558752c2ead7a874635e0d
The following are tv commercials in the style of a highly emotional lifestyle branding campaign from Nike. They are inspirational and upbeat. Feel something. Dream bigger. The script contains 11 short lines.
Company: Nike
Product: Shoes
Short emotional tagline: Never too far down
We've all been underestimated and counted out
In those moments we felt like it was over
But it's when we're given no chance
that we somehow found that last bit of strength to keep fighting
View gist:8ab8eb3774a02ac27c7cefc0af5c5244
let task = Process()
var args = [String]()
let bundle = Bundle.main.bundlePath
args.append("sleep 0.2; open \"\(bundle)\"")
task.launchPath = "/bin/sh"
task.arguments = args